Humpty Dumpty introduction

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It's funny. I wrote my pilot episode for a TV program we were going to self-produce all the way back in 2006. Things happened and we never got the funding. I didn't want to sell it because I wanted to retain control. Plus, a lot of people don't realize this…

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Daddy’s Little Girl

This is Part I of Until You've Bled t's been said that greatness requires either madness or sadness. Or a combination of both. Little Jessica had the best relationship with her father. Her Daddy loved her. And took her everywhere. The two of them were inseparable. Daddy loved Jessica every…

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The most beautiful thing there ever was

This is Part IV. Part I of Siren's Song is here. he children heard it first. Their ears sprang up like dogs and they fought their ways up the ladder to the deck. You, being young and virile, heard it next. You must have died and gone to Heaven, for…

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You need to make a living

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This is a snippet from the Siren's Song short story I'm working on. I'll be publishing a book of short stories in 2019, and this will be included in it. our father is dead. You wish you could ask him what he'd do in this situation. He'd probably agree with…

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Siren’s Song background

It was the Summer of 2012. I had just been laid off from a pretty well-paying job at a startup company. I was pretty much the entire department. When we lost our biggest client, I knew I'd get hit. So, I already prepared for the layoff. I had plenty of…

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