A funny meme

I'm extremely busy. Even busier than usual. So here's a funny meme someone sent me. It's right up my alley because I'm always referencing Ancient Greece. And I noticed I haven't posted anything this month yet. Enjoy.


I am grateful to have known the hemophiliac kid

It's weird how memories work. You're in the middle of doing something, then something completely random pops into your head. This is one thing I love about being a writer. Have a random thought? Awesome. Now you get to see it. When I was a kid, we had a hemophiliac…


Why hot chicks don’t like “nice guys”

Yesterday, I did a photoshoot of one of my 5 models. I drew her for about an hour as well. And of course, we had wonderful conversations. I'm married of course so I'm no longer looking for women. But I enjoy talking to beautiful women in their early 20s because…


A lot of people don’t live in reality

I know I come across as cold to some folks. But let me tell you one cold, hard fact of life. You have limited time. You don't know when you're going to die, unless it's by your own hand. Even people who get "six months to live" by their doctor…


A stupid hippie I once knew

Well, stupid may be the wrong word. The guy actually had a high IQ. But then again, the most stupid people you know often have high IQs. Weird how that works. Anyways, I just remember I mentioned this guy before. Now, you get to really know him. This guy's your…