Whoever says “looks aren’t everything” is not your friend

In the late 80s and early 90s, low fat and even non fat diets were all the rage. I noticed something really wrong with people who were on these diets, especially for a long time – their skin looked like shit.

Of course now we know that anyone who still touts these diets is a complete moron. We know that you need fat in order to break down fat soluble vitamins. If you don’t break down those vitamins, you piss and shit them out without getting their benefits.

Not a coincidence – those same fat soluble vitamins are the ones that make your skin look good. So looks and looks alone taught me that you need to eat fat.

It’s the same thing with marathon runners.

I used to do this hike in Marin County (north of San Francisco) that always had marathon runners breezing by me. I’d enjoy the hike while the folks training for marathons would run by with their unhappy faces.

“I just ran a marathon!”

That’s great Jack, but you look like shit.

And yes, Jack and Jill marathon runners did indeed look like shit. They had horrible musculature and their faces didn’t look right.

Of course, I’m not against running. I’m against marathons. Huge difference here.

People who run a mile often look great. People who run 26 miles often look like shit.

I’m an aestheticist. Not a scientist. I didn’t know the reasons why until much, much later.

Now I’m seeing the scientific reasons why.

Exercise is great. It’s fantastic. Until of course you go too far.

Running several miles is great. Running a marathon is too far.

I’ve seen studies with gut bacteria where folks who exercise regularly have great gut bacteria. Folks who run marathons? It actually damages your gut bacteria and bad gut bacteria leads to all kinds of ailments, including looking like shit.

Surprise surprise.

So thus, if you look great, you’re more than likely healthy. If you look like shit, you’re more than likely unhealthy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce this.

Looks matter in so many ways. People who say otherwise don’t have your best interest in mind. (Or they’re just stupid).

Now of course, I’m gonna offend everyone who runs marathons.

Well you know what? I’ll not only look better than you; I’ll also outlive you.

So there’s those two things..

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