Mermaid Allie, Slick, Gizmo, and Mr. Octopus


Mermaid Allie and three of her friends from the seas. Watercolor on wood.

Mermaid Allie
If you look closely, you can still see the wood

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Why do I paint on wood? Because, of everything I’ve ever painted on, wood feels to me the most REAL. And real is what life’s about!

Yes, Allie really is this pretty in real life. A genuinely sweet girl as well.

She loves the seas and moves with endless energy. She never stays still for long.

Slick is just like her. He can keep up.

Gizmo, not so much. He goes through life dazed and confused.

As for Mr. Octopus, he’s a thinker. Way smarter than he looks. Finished his first semester of calculus in high school.

Did you know the seas had schools? Yes. They’re called Fish School.

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