Opium Tales Volume I plus Desktops and Scores


Princess for the Night
Lizzie’s Opium Waltz
I’m in Love
Make Me a New Heart
One More Serenade

Also comes with five lovely desktops of Roman’s fantasy pinup paintings of Allie and Roxy and the orchestral scores for those five songs

Product is entirely digital

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Five great songs. Five lovely desktops. Five orchestral scores.

You want to hear the music.

You want new and beautiful desktop backgrounds.

You’re going to see exactly what we sent our orchestral musicians.

This is what Opium Tales is all about!

What listeners have said

Lizzy’s Opium Waltz
“When I feel out of words, this song inspires me.”

One More Serenade
“Perfect to hear while reading, it keeps me focused.”

-Tiago, author of the Seglife saga

Roman, this is art. Lizzy’s Opium Waltz makes me want to paint all the things.

Proud of you. Absolutely brilliant.

-CakeInACrisis (from Twitter)


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