Selene Gazes Upon Endymion


Selene Gazes Upon Endymion. Fantasy pinup art backed on wood. Ready to hang up. All you’ll need is a hammer, a nail, a wall to put it up on, and of course, the painting.


Do you really think only Gods have affairs? Oh my word, mortal. You have so much to learn.

Yes, we know the Moon Goddess Selene had an affair with Zeus and produced Pandia. But Selene was a particularly sexual Goddess. You may not know of her flings (multiple) with Pan.

One day, when gazing down upon the Earth, she saw a particularly handsome mortal shepherd boy named Endymion. This became the longest and most important of her affairs as after her first child with him, they begged Zeus to have his life magically extended.

She bore Endymion at least 50 daughters, and I’m can assure you that each one of them grew up to be quite beautiful.

Some say the infamous Narcissus was the son of one of their affairs. Others contradict that account. I know the truth, but my lips are sealed. I’ve told you enough already.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × .5 in


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