Speaker Girl Green Kitten


Fantasy pinup art on 140 lb archival quality watercolor paper. Artist used both watercolor and gouache.

On wood backing. Ready to hang up. All you need is a hammer, a nail, a wall to put it up on, and of course, the painting.


I used to draw diagrams for my sound engineers of which speakers I wanted each instrument to come out of. I’d always draw a hot babe in the middle.

Well, now that I paint, I had Roxy model Speaker Girl and did a painting of one of these concepts. So this is a painting of the diagrams I used to give to my sound engineers when they’d mix my songs.

And thanks and much love to the always lovely Roxy. The cat is the ghost of my producer’s cat that used to roam the studio.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 1.5 in


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