A new direction – charcoal

The artist must consistently be pushing himself. And learning new things. Both. I won't ever be satisfied. It's not in my DNA. Some of y'all have heard me joke about how I'm a tits man when I'm with a girl with a nice ass and I'm an ass man when…

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Katie (half finished)

The book is coming along

People who have known me a long time know there's one consistent thing about me - I'm always working on something. I've never understood people who say "I'm bored." How can you be bored? There are a million things you could be working on right now. Quick sketch Allie. 11"x14"…


Splitting this website in two

Hey folks - I'll be splitting this website into two. If you're here for my artist game content, sign up for my newsletter here. I won't be writing naughty stuff on this website anymore. No, I'm not going to delete anything. I just won't add more of that content. From…


Hoping to have an Amazon bestseller

If you don't follow Joshua Lisec on Twitter, you should. He's hands down the best ghostwriter on the planet, a master hypnotist, and hates bad Hollywood writing even more than I do. Right now, I'm drinking White Claws and re-reading his book. It's the one with the Mona Lisa on…


Opium Tales EP moved here

A few years ago, Randy and I put out an EP. I wanted something out that was mostly me. My Metal band was a split between me and Skitz. But the EP, mostly me. Here's the Princess for the Night single. Give it a listen. It's a disco piece I…