My beef with Mary Jane

I want to very clear on something. I'm very libertarian. No, not big L libertarian. I'm not a member of the political party. I've been to several of their meetings and even personally talked to one of their presidential candidates. Small l libertarian. That means, if my neighbor wants to…


Why do you do this to your kid?

I love food shopping. I'm actually the one who picks out the food. I don't take vitamin pills. Rather, I know what food has which vitamins and minerals and I make sure we've covered all the bases. Mostly meat. Fruits and veggies. Low amounts of carbs. And yes. We love…


A funny meme

I'm extremely busy. Even busier than usual. So here's a funny meme someone sent me. It's right up my alley because I'm always referencing Ancient Greece. And I noticed I haven't posted anything this month yet. Enjoy.


Some things they just don’t tell you

I won't mention names because I don't want to give them more credit than they deserve. But if you've been on social media recently, that's all they've been talking about. I know from 2 friends who've been texting me. And I'd have to say I agree with Terrance K Williams.…


I am grateful to have known the hemophiliac kid

It's weird how memories work. You're in the middle of doing something, then something completely random pops into your head. This is one thing I love about being a writer. Have a random thought? Awesome. Now you get to see it. When I was a kid, we had a hemophiliac…