Losers love to speak for everyone

Just by looking at the guy, you could tell he's a loser. Then he opens his mouth and proves it. This is a consistent problem we have in life though. You often have to pry valuable information out of the people who really know their shit. But losers like this?…


Bartenders get laid

My favorite bartender in the San Francisco area was skinny and goofy looking. That motherfucker could outdrink anyone though. I wonder where the alcohol went because he really was rail thin. Anyways, he always had a hot girlfriend. And always also had attractive female friends. Was his girl jealous? I'm…


Why nobody approached her

This article is actually for the ladies. Gentlemen - you can still read it of course. There's a chance you might learn something from it too. I was out drinking awhile back with my buddy D and a co-worker. I've talked about D before. He's the guy who we'd discuss…


I’m back on Twitter

Hey folks. I'm back on Twitter. My account is opiumtales2 because some jackass has opiumtales. That dickhead is some emo piece of shit who's just sitting on my fame, apparently grabbed while I was banned. What a dick. Anyways, if you're there, give me a follow.


A list of do’s to help you become healthier

I've said it before and I'll say it again - health was my first red pill. I saw how the health "experts" lied about pretty much everything. And no, it's not a conspiracy to keep you unhealthy. Rather, follow the money trail. I'm not about to write the same article…