Roman has always loved fantasy.  As a child, he loved Disneyland, especially the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  As a pre-teen, he got into Heavy Metal music and Dungeons and Dragons.

From there, Roman started studying Classical music from Tchaikovsky to Beethoven to Brahms and also both Pre-Raphaelite paintings and American pinups.  His artwork is simply American Pinup style, except with a Fantasy twist.

When not painting, you can find Roman playing guitar or piano, lifting weights, or exploring nature.  He also writes really weird fairy tales, almost always with a female lead.

Allie and Roxy (neither shown) do all the modeling for his artwork.  Both are very private young women and we’ll refrain from using their last names.

Roman is married and has a son who just finished serving his country.

Opium Tales Roman
Roman with Jin N Tonic and Kristy Jessica
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