Roman is a fantasy artist who loves beautiful, feminine women and the fairy tales they create in him. As a child, he loved Disneyland, especially the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. As a pre-teen, he got into Heavy Metal music and Dungeons and Dragons.

He absolutely loves the Romantic era of Classical music, from Tchaikovsky to Beethoven to Brahms. His art is based on American pinups of the 20th century, infused with the fantasies of his romantic mind.

When not painting, you can find Roman playing guitar or piano, lifting weights, or exploring nature. He also writes really weird fairy tales, almost always with a female lead.

Allie and Roxy are very close friends with Roman as well as his primary models. Allie is the blonde. Roxy is the brunette. Both of them are the ones with long hair, a pretty face, and spectacular boobs.  They’re both private figures though so we won’t disclose their last names.

Roman is married and has an adult son who already served his country. 

Roman drinks old fashioneds when he’s home, but red wine when he travels.

His email address is:

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