Roman is a Fantasy Pinup artist and neo-Romantic composer.  Tchaikovsky and Beethoven are his musical heroes.  Waterhouse, Mucha, and Frazetta are his primary artistic inspirations.

Allie is the blonde.  Roxy is the brunette.  Both are private figures so we don’t disclose their full names.

Roman also started working with Sophia Jade, a model/actress from Los Angeles; Diana, a model in Romania;  Katie, a model in Dallas; and Celeste, a model in San Francisco.  All four ladies are public figures.

Roman is married with a grown son who has already served his country. 

In his spare time, Roman lifts weights, plays guitar and piano, and enjoys traveling with his wife.

He drinks whiskey and absinthe.  When he drinks a cocktail, he almost always drinks an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan.

He writes mainly about art, music, life, and self-improvement.  His fiction style is fantasy short story.

His email address is:

Why Opium Tales?

I’m a Romantic. No, not the modern definition. The original definition from the 1800s.

My first and fourth favorite artists are Pre-Raphaelites, which is an subgroup of Romanticism. All 7 of my top composers are Romantics. And, I love Romantic lit.

Opium Tales is a nod to Romanticism. A lot of the Romantics had opium problems. My girl, Lizzie Siddal, died of an opium overdose at the young age of 32 back in 1862.

My teacher, Hector Berlioz, did copious amounts of opium when he composed. And a lot of the Romantic writers, from Samuel Taylor Coleridge (if you like Iron Maiden, you like Coleridge) to Byron, Keats, and Percy Shelley wrote on opium.

Am I pro-opium? No.

It’s a historical/artistic nod. That’s all it is.

I got the name though because we needed a name for our TV show and that popped up in my head. The TV show is long dead but I still own the name. I may as well use it.

Allie is the blonde and Roxy is the brunette

Check out my artwork at my Etsy store.

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