Just keep producing art

I just wrote about the mindset of an artist, which is the difference between the artist who “makes it” versus the artist who doesn’t. This is sort of part II of that. Some people think there’s something special about producing art. Or the artist is born with some supernatural talent. No, that’s all bullshit. The… Continue reading Just keep producing art

Mindset of an artist

Back when I was in my previous band, we had a bass player try out. Super nice guy. We’ll call him Jim. Anyways, Jim had the absolute best equipment on the planet. So good in fact that if the Rolling Stones’ trailer that carried their bass equipment got lost or stolen, they could have asked… Continue reading Mindset of an artist

Music to paint to

What music do you paint to? And does music help set the mood for your painting? Since I’m doing more fantasy pinup art, I like music that helps the setting. I have eclectic tastes. They range from pretty heavy to pretty deep. But a lot of my music totally fits my paintings’ themes. Heavy Metal… Continue reading Music to paint to

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