Bartenders get laid

My favorite bartender in the San Francisco area was skinny and goofy looking. That motherfucker could outdrink anyone though. I wonder where the alcohol went because he really was rail thin. Anyways, he always had a hot girlfriend. And always also had attractive female friends. Was his girl jealous? I'm…


I’m back on Twitter

Hey folks. I'm back on Twitter. My account is opiumtales2 because some jackass has opiumtales. That dickhead is some emo piece of shit who's just sitting on my fame, apparently grabbed while I was banned. What a dick. Anyways, if you're there, give me a follow.


I would have hated to be the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II died earlier today. She lived to be 96 years old. With the title of this article, you may assume I'm talking about her lack of privacy. Or her dysfunctional family. Nope. Something completely different. Now, to be clear about two things - 1. I'm anti-Monarchy. I have…


It’s a lot more complicated than that

I used to have a successful social media account on a certain platform before it got censored because I told the truth about corona. I may eventually create a new account there because after I create my course, I'll need a free way to promote it. Not crazy about returning,…