The book is coming along

People who have known me a long time know there’s one consistent thing about me – I’m always working on something.

I’ve never understood people who say “I’m bored.” How can you be bored? There are a million things you could be working on right now.

Quick sketch Allie. 11″x14″ on 60 lb paper. #2 pencil only

Allie finished the forward already. If anyone should have written the forward, it should have been her. You get to hear her voice. Well, written voice. Not spoken. But still.

She’s actually very smart. Comes across ditzy until you realize that she’s already sized you up and knows way more about you than someone should after just meeting you. She’s like my wife in that way – super intuitive.

Allie was the first girl I painted with watercolors. I painted one nude years ago of another female friend but it’s mediocre at best. I tried my hand in oil painting without a single lesson. Just bought some oils and did it. I think that was closer to 2010.

I’m already done with the first draft. A Twitter pal offered to proofread it and the Mrs is also proofreading it. The Mrs reads a lot of books. She used to average a book a day. So she’s a good judge of flow.

So yeah, once I get this book done, I’ll have more time to spend on this blog. Until then, you won’t see me much here.

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