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Why happiness as a goal is a bad idea

“But I just want to be happy.” You’ve heard many, many people utter this meaningless phrase. And were they happy? Of course not. You know why? Because it means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Happiness shouldn’t be the end goal. You should shoot for accomplishments. You know what happens when you encounter

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Opium Tales - The Potion

In search of sea monsters

You gotta love the old times. What we didn’t know back then, we filled with imagination. Nowadays, we’ve lost that side of our psyche. We’ve become too logical, which leads to too dry. So unfortunately, people have replaced myths and legends with politics. And of course, politics brings out the

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Social media should come last

If you’re a creative type, are you spending almost as much time on social media as you do creating? If so, you got a social media addiction. You need to fix that. Social media is a tool. And it should only be seen as such. I log off of it

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