What happened to my brain?

In 3rd grade, I was tested at a 9th grade math level. Meaning I had the math skills of an average 9th grader when I was only in 3rd grade.

Problem was, I didn’t like math once I started liking girls.

The cute girls didn’t like math. They liked to talk about all kinds of things. Mainly music and boys.

Well, of course I wasn’t exactly going to talk boys with them once I started liking girls. But music? Heck yeah!

So I made a brain switch. I went from being math first to language first. Despite being mediocre in language.

Even when I took the SAT years later, I scored above average in math and flat average in language, despite loving language.

I simply don’t have the aptitude for language. You see it in my foreign language studies. I study Romanian first thing in the morning. And I’m still horrible at it. I don’t even speak like a 3 year old yet.

Vonnegut, Abbey, and Thompson

In the 90s, I was a voracious reader. I’d read everything. I started to really like Kurt Vonnegut, Edward Abbey, and Hunter S Thompson.

Today? I don’t read shit. Other than blogs and even then, only the ones listed on my blog buddy list.

I do spend a lot of time on Twitter. Probably too much.

I got banned from there back when that dorky guy and that vagina chick ran the show. Now I’m back and I’m really appreciating Elon Musk. Yes, he has his faults but he’s more Free Speech than every other large social media platform combined. Times ten.

Still, not as Free Speech as I’d like.

Like for instance, I draw and paint nudes. I personally think they’re tasteful.

As soon as I post them, even if I forget to flag them as sensitive, a sensitive flag will almost immediately appear.

Now just today, I saw a grown ass man beat a teenage boy to death. Yes, beat to death. On Twitter. Uncensored. No sensitivity warning.

So yeah, boobs bad. Murder good.

That’s Silicon Valley for you.

Anyways, what was I getting at? Oh yeah, my brain.

It’s already halfway through 2023 and I’ve read 2 books. Yes, two. That’s it.

Both from Twitter pals. Katie’s book and TJ Martinelli’s novel.

That’s it. I barely read anymore. It’s weird because if you knew me in the 90s, I’d slam books.

Now I wonder, is it my brain or just how I use my time?

To be fair to myself, I do whip out paintings like a madman. I’m always either drawing or painting.


    1. I hear you.

      I do wish I spent a little bit more time reading, but I don’t think I have that much free time anymore.

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