You’ll have to excuse my absence

The next few weeks, I’m doing a deep dive in cryptocurrency. I’ll be learning everything I can and I also dumped a bunch of stock to buy six different cryptocurrencies.

I also have to learn about exchanges, wallets, and security. There’s so much I don’t know that I really should considering in the next few years, I’ll be putting several hundred thousand into it.

Then I got to work more closely with my accountant. We moved recently and we have a new accountant.

I really like this guy because for one, he doesn’t wear a mask. And for another, despite being even older than I am, he knows way more about cryptocurrency than I do.

And yes, I’m still painting, practicing piano, and studying Romanian daily. That hasn’t changed.

But considering the art galleries are still fucked by this stupid overreaction, I’ll need another source of income.

So if you’re wondering where I am, now you know.

Oh, and I met three super cool people this week and touched the Great Salt Lake for the first time in my life.

The Great Salt Lake 2021


  1. I really need to know about crypto. My son (20) has explained it in detail. I’ve watched videos and shows on it. I just can’t figure how it works. What stops someone from just taking it since there are no real rules on it? I know there are answers to these questions… Any suggestions on a good crypto primer?

    How long before the government realizes there is money (taxes) to be had (especially this bunch)? Or do they already have their grubby hands in the cookie jar? I truly want to learn about this, but nothing I’ve come across has explained how it works.

    1. I’m not that much further along than you are. I hired Crypto Charles to give me a primer. He charged $500 for a one-on-one session and it was worth twice that.

      As for politicians – yes, they’re already taxing when you sell. Just like stock investing.

      I’m getting into it because I keep missing the boat. I’m up about five times with my Apple stock but of course, the smart people are up like 20x or 30x. Same with Google and Facebook. I just waited too long.

      Late is better than never though. The ones who got into crypto early literally made millions from a thousand dollar investment.

    1. I met both Rob Says and Jason the Carnivore (and his wife too).

      Great times! Was a pleasure meeting both.

      Rob took us to the Great Salt Lake so that pic was with him. I really hope he comes to visit us in TX.

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