Lies, lies, and more lies

The American media is terrible. Absolutely awful.

Back in the Soviet days, at least the Russian people knew the Pravda was all bullshit.

Today? A lot of Americans actually believe the bullshit our media puts out.

I don’t say the word bullshit lightly. For instance, the two top stories of our day – the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and Covid-19, it’s nothing but lies, lies, and more lies.

In fact, you got random folks off the street who are so misinformed because of the media’s lies that when asked what race the people who Kyle shot were, too many answered black.

Wrong! White.

Then they conveniently don’t know that one of the guys, Rosenbaum, anally raped five boys between the ages of 9 and 11. What I don’t get is what Rosenbaum was doing out of jail. He’s one of those guys who the world would have been better off if he got murdered in jail. And once again, I don’t say this lightly.

Rosenbaum was a total piece of shit. I hate pedophiles. Really hate them. To take a child’s innocence is just about the worst crime one can commit. And even prisoners know that. Or let me rephrase that – especially prisoners know this.

Then we have pieces of shit celebrities like Mark Ruffalo who feel more sympathy for Rosenbaum than for someone who defended themselves. Well, fuck you Mark Ruffalo. You won’t be welcome at my art shows, you piece of shit!

The whole crossed state lines with a gun turned out to be a lie. So did Kyle having nothing to do in that town a lie.

Kyle’s dad lives there. Not only that, Kyle was helping clean up graffiti the morning prior to the attack.

And it turned out to be 100% self-defense. The videos showed it clearly. It should have been thrown out of court.

The more I read about Kyle, the more he seems like a really good kid. In fact, this world needs a lot more Kyle’s and way less Rosenbaum’s.

Aaron Rodgers isn’t wearing a mask

Oh no! Everyone panic! Aaron Rodgers isn’t wearing a mask!

It’s funny, a few days ago, an African guy online told me that in Africa, nobody gives a shit about corona. Because in Africa, they have real diseases.

I’m not going to deny that corona is dangerous. It is. But it’s nowhere even close to the level of dangerous as numerous diseases in Africa. Not even close. If you still think so in November 2021, you’re a special kind of stupid.

I take zinc and get plenty of sunlight. In the days I can’t get sunlight, I take liquid vitamin D.

I’m also super fit. Not at all worried about it. At all.

We’re having all kinds of records of folks who die from other things that they’re marking as covid deaths. Like cancer. Heart disease. Even car accidents. Yes, not joking. Do your own research and you’ll find that’s happened on multiple occasions.

Why are they pushing the numbers up? Why are they lying?

You tell me. I’m neither a psychologist nor a mind reader.

I just know when someone’s lying. I don’t know why they’re lying.

It’s time for Americans to say enough. Stop lying to us media. We no longer trust you. And, you deserved to lose your credibility because you got no integrity.

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