Keep the child alive

The child draws. Not asked to. She just does.

And she gets good at it fast. And her parents smile proudly.

She continues to draw and gets considerably better. But, she starts to reach an age where that gets discouraged.

Grown ups will tell her to focus on other things. Other kids will join in on it and start to make fun of her. Because drawing is just dumb.

Decades later, the kids have grown and the world has been traveled.

She tries to rekindle that old passion of hers. Nothing good ever comes out of it because that child is dead.

If that girl is you

If that girl is you, don’t kill the child my friends. No matter what the grown ups say. You may need the child someday.

I have an infinite supply of ideas. I never tire. I could write a song a day or a damn good drawing a day.


All because despite everything I’ve been through, I kept the child alive.

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By Roman

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