Rednecks rule

Everyone loves to hate rednecks. But I’m the opposite of everyone else. I love rednecks. I even married one. Rednecks are more likely to survive anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything. Rednecks keep America safe too. One of the Japanese generals before WWII said that there’s no way Japan could defeat America… Continue reading Rednecks rule

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It’s always the ugly ones complaining about catcalling

My wife and I were just talking about diet shaming. You’ll see a beautiful woman. She watches what she eats and has some kind of regular exercise routine. And she’ll always have haters – almost always unattractive/obese females. Now, not all unattractive and obese women are unpleasant. You’ll meet some that are cool as fuck.… Continue reading It’s always the ugly ones complaining about catcalling

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The update on Allie and Roxy

As you may already know, I left California because the communists took over and destroyed that state. Yes, it’s still there. It’s still beautiful. And there are still a lot of people there I care about. But it’s just a matter of time before it falls completely. You have a Congressman who slept with a… Continue reading The update on Allie and Roxy

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