Ode to Belly Dancers

I’ve already written belly dancing music. No, never published it. Just written it.

It’s something I need to get around to.

But I’m sitting here thinking that here I am with two gorgeous models who both are damn good dancers. Both of them know a little bit about belly dancing. Yes, neither are belly dancers. But they can duplicate the poses.

YouTube is full of videos on it from all over the world. Some of them are good. Some of them are great.

I got money for outfits.

Then, why haven’t I painted a belly dancing model?

That, my friends, is the million dollar question. Why haven’t I yet?

I’m currently working on illustrating one of my Opium Tales. Roxy is modeling for the character Alicia. In the story, she does a dance for the villain.

Roxy modeled the character and the dance. I painted it here.

Roxy belly dancer
Roxy modeling as Alicia

So after finishing the painting, I immediately thought to myself “I need to do at least a dozen of these!”

Allie’s belly dancing coming up!

I texted Allie the other day and asked if she belly danced. I’ve seen her dance before and she’s excellent. Very loose, flowing, and free. Kind of like a girl version of me. Yes, I can dance quite well.

Not to toot my own horn. I’m bad at a lot of things (shooting baskets, learning foreign languages, etc). But another story for another day.

Dance is something I’ve always been fascinated about. My wife and I are supporters of the local ballet. I love the music and the dance, she loves the dance, the outfits, and the whole scene. I also love being surrounded by graceful people because graceful people are rare nowadays. We live in a society where grace is almost a thing of the past.

Watching girls around here walk in heels is pure sadness. Now ballet girls, they can walk in heels. They can walk with lead shoes and look graceful.

Ballet is the antidote to lack of grace.

And you know what’s just as good as ballet? Belly dancing. Same side of the coin from different parts of the world.

Now I need to work on publishing a belly dancing song or two.

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