Hoping to have an Amazon bestseller

If you don’t follow Joshua Lisec on Twitter, you should. He’s hands down the best ghostwriter on the planet, a master hypnotist, and hates bad Hollywood writing even more than I do.

Right now, I’m drinking White Claws and re-reading his book. It’s the one with the Mona Lisa on the cover.

The book convinced me that I need to write my own book. The prereq for writing your own book after reading his book – you need to be THE expert at something.

For me – two things. I’ll gladly do a dick measuring contest with either my hot nudes or my electric guitar. For the latter, I’ll tell you what covers we did back in the late 80s and early 90s – Metallica’s Creeping Death, Yngwie’s I Am A Viking, Ozzy’s Mr. Crowley, Maiden’s Aces High, Megadeth’s Holy Wars, Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, and the Ramones’ I Wanna Be Sedated. I played lead guitar on each one of those songs except for Aces High which I only played the first solo and Comfortably Numb which I also only played the first solo. The second guitarist played the other solos on those pieces.

I even took a lesson from Jason Becker. So yeah, I can shred.

But no, I’m not going to write a book on how to play electric guitar.

You know where my heart is. It’s on titties.

Thus, a book on boobs. Well, not just boobs. The whole shebang.

Nude women. No, not my photography book. I’ll publish one of those another day.

You’ll see. I’ll give more details later.

Allie’s writing the forward as we speak. Actually, I hope so. I need to bug that girl sometimes because she takes a long time to do anything. (No, she doesn’t read this blog so I can say this). So I should rephrase that – Allie better be working on my forward.

And, I’ll need your help. Not only buy the book (you WILL want a copy of it and I’ll be more than happy to sign your copy). But also tell the world. Take a picture of yourself holding the book and post it on social media.

Let’s make this an Amazon bestseller. I know we can do it.


  1. Kudos on writing a book, dude! Self-publishing through Amazon is a great way to go. I have two books up there, and while they’re not bestsellers, the trickle of additional income is nice.

    Also, “I Am a Viking” is such a sweet tune. I had the opportunity to hear Yngwie live last summer (August 2022), and it was an incredible show.

    1. I saw him in ’86. Jeff Scott Soto as the frontman during the Trilogy tour, which was weird because some other guy sang on the Trilogy album.

      Funny thing, ’88 had a platonic friend (she was drop dead gorgeous) who dated Jeff Scott Soto. Apparently, Yngwie’s not the greatest guy on the planet. One heck of a guitarist though – still one of my faves to this day. They played “I Am A Viking” on that tour but cut out one verse. Kept the guitar solo of course.

      Now watching you sing Bonnie Tyler – one of my favorite 80s songs. I knew girls who had hair like that back in the 80s. Good times!

    2. Well, you surprised me. You switched from Bonnie Tyler to ABBA to Toto then back to Bonnie Tyler. Too funny!

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