I suck at pottery

watercolor brushes

Ever have one of those wine and painting courses? Well, I haven’t.

However, I’ve had wine and pottery. Yeah, wine wasn’t included. Should have been though because my pottery probably wouldn’t be this bad.

But, like anything else, you get good by doing.

I did pottery when I was a little kid. My parents enrolled us in summer courses where we learned everything from pottery to photography. I got pretty good at photography. Even learned how to break open a film canister under a special thick black blanket and put it in one of those film things that you dip in the solution that processes your film.

Film? Yes. That’s right. I was really good in the darkroom.

All those dodge and burn things you young ones do in Photoshop? I did that stuff in real life. With film.

But pottery? A completely different beast.

So, decades later, I did the pottery thing. And it turned out, well, crooked.

But, it’s absolutely perfect for my watercolor brushes!

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