Inventory of skill sets

I started journaling earlier this year. I used to do it. Then just stopped for years. I don’t know why I stopped, and am really bummed I did.

I used to write everything in the journals. Super personal stuff. What I was feeling at the time.

I could go back to those journals and know how I felt as things in my life unfolded. Highly advise to keep journals. At the worst, at least it gets stuff off your chest.

In real life, I’m the rock for everyone else. Pretty much everyone around me. So who do I turn to? Actually, my art and my music. They’re both great outlets.

Anyways, last night’s journal was an honest personal inventory of skill sets. I rated my skill sets. I have a few at elite, a few more advanced, more at good, and several at in progress. Romanian, Spanish, and the piano are in progress.

My piano skills are so bad that I actually orchestrate from the guitar. Historically, there’s only one other composer who did that – Hector Berlioz. When things get less crazy and we get back to owning a home, I’m buying a piano. An old upright. I actually love the sound of those things.

Play to your strengths, but…

I’ve always believed in playing to your strengths. But you have to start all skill sets from somewhere.

I’m already proud of my pinup art. I know I make Allie, Roxy, and Sophia look good. They’re all attractive ladies in real life. The trick is to get them to look good in the paintings as well.

So yes, play to your strengths. But continually develop new strengths.

I’m taking writing seriously this year. Some time next year, I’ll publish a book of short stories. It’s funny because Opium Tales started as my short stories. Allie got me into taking my art seriously. Before that, I just did trolling cartoons.

And of course, I’ll release that game.

What about you? Have you ever actually written down your skill sets? Have you organized them into some sort of fashion, like elite, advanced, good, and in progress?

If not, I highly advise trying it. You get to take an inventory of where you’re at and what you need to improve.

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