Life amongst the NPCs Part I

You may have heard the term NPC before. I first heard it from Dungeons and Dragons years ago.

It’s simply a Non-Player Character.

The modern slang usage of NPCs refer to a real life human who acts like a videogame NPC. He has no brains of his own and simply does what he’s programmed to do.

We saw a lot of NPCs during the Trump era.

To be clear, I’m not going to defend Trump. He caused his own demise. That said, to actually think on this Christmas Day of 2022 that Biden was still the better choice than Trump, you may be an NPC.

The economy is in the toilet, record level inflation, crime is rampant, homeless everywhere, morale is the worst I’ve ever seen it, the Fentanyl crisis, the average American is fucked, and we’re closer to a nuclear war than we’ve ever been in my lifetime. And I’ve lived through the Cold War.


The media told the NPCs to panic about Covid-19. So they did. And we pretty much threw the Constitution out the window for a virus that doesn’t kill healthy people.

Look at the stats. Who died? Old people and the obese.

I got it. So did my wife. It was a joke. I wasn’t even sick. I just lost taste for 2 days.

Sure you had exceptions. But you all know they were very rare.

But that’s besides the point. Even if it was worse than it actually was, you still don’t throw the Constitution out the window. I don’t remember our Founding Fathers saying “unless there’s a strong virus going around” when they wrote the Constitution.

Now, more healthy people are dropping dead from that deadly vaccine which I’m proud to say, I never took. And of course the media makes every excuse for the vaccine. And the NPCs simply parrot what they hear in the media.

Can’t think, can only parrot

The easiest way to spot an NPC is to ask them a list of questions. If they parrot exactly what the media spews, they’re an NPC.

I’d ask about Trump, Elon Musk, Ukraine, Covid-19, the vaccine, global warming, and their thoughts on homeschooling.

You already know how an NPC will respond to each one of those questions. They’ll respond exactly how the media programmed them to respond.

And yes, I’ve met otherwise intelligent people who were NPCs. So it’s not just an IQ thing.

To be continued

I owe you a long ass article on the Twitter Files.

Merry Christmas folks!

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  1. I am a total NPCer…….I will play your game all day Roman and you know me as well; I was one of the
    best assistants you had when you delivered pizzas back in 1994 in Conroe : )

    1. Marcell – What do you think about the way Covid-19 was handled? Did it bother you that we threw the Constitution out the window for an elevated cold? Or that the vaccines were pushed on people who didn’t want them (with the thread of losing their jobs)?

      Do you understand the difference between deaths with Covid-19 vs deaths from Covid-19?

  2. Roman – I think that Covid was/is a BEAST of a epic proportions and there were abuses and many people’s
    rights were put aside for the “Common” good in ways that understandably alienated so many and tragically
    divided us more than we should have been over a freaking pandemic. This is an issue I have thought about and written about but I will leave the following as a sort of summation (I did NOT write this below italicized part)

    How do the powerful convince people to act against their own best interests? By telling them that their worst biases and darkest emotions are good and reasonable. That’s how you goad a bunch of average citizens to attack Congress of January 6th, even though it is treasonous, people ended up dead, and a lot of them ended up in prison. Did any rich and powerful conservative who encouraged them join the attack or face prison?

    The powerful start by corrupting the concept of truth, which is the foundation of every democracy. The campaign by the right against legitimate news organizations like The New York Times and The Washington Post (and, yes, they get things wrong sometimes, but at least they admit it) is not about truth, but about suppressing truth because the facts might gnaw away at the veil of fantasy they’ve created to maintain power over the ill-informed. If the facts don’t match what those in power have been telling their followers, then attack the source of the facts. A simple tactic that only works on lazy thinkers. For them, Power Is Truth. If the facts contradict their agenda, deny, deny, deny. Deny what scientists say. Deny what doctors say. Deny what experts say. Unless they’re lying in a hospital in need of serious medical attention—then science and medicine are good.

    Truth has become a valuable and fragile animal these days, an endangered species in great need of nurturing and protecting.

    The money masters who control those who want to ban books, ban women’s rights, ban LGBTQ+ rights, ban religions other than their own, are able to convince their followers using the age-old logical argument: “I’m made of rubber, you’re made of glue. Anything you say bounces off me and sticks on you.” So, if you claim Fox News is biased, they claim the Post and Times are biased. If you say their politician is making a statement based on unreliable studies, they say your studies are unreliable. Ideological standoff? Not really, because facts can be verified, the reliability of news organizations can be objectively measured, studies can be judged based on who does them, who paid for them, how big the sample was, etc. You know, math and science.

    It’s a new year and so we have to renew our commitment to the truth rather than throwing up our hands in frustration at the nattering nabobs of negativism (yes, I’m sampling Spiro Agnew).

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