Life amongst the NPCs – Part II: The Covid Years

I lost all respect for a lot of people. Including a lot of family members.

Almost everyone is in denial.

Denying how evil they were from 2020-2022.

I remember in March 2020, you had the first reports come in from the death tolls. And for some odd reason, they were actually honest.

They initially said that the only people actually dying from this virus were the very old and very unhealthy, usually morbidly obese, lacking Vitamin D, and with several co-morbidities.

Then, when they realized that didn’t scare anyone, the propaganda machine went into full effect. They made this thing out to be the worst thing since the Bubonic Plague.

Which of course were total lies. But I’ll continue.

So they closed down everything. They shut down the whole country. They closed the beaches. They closed schools. They forbid you from going to church.

They shut down travel. They shut down the cruise ships.

They shut down a lot of flights to foreign countries.

They limited stays to the countries you could go to.

Then, when the vaccine was launched, they tried to force you to take it. They fired people who refused to take it.

The guy we got corona from? He was forced to take the vaccine or else he would have been fired from his job. He ended up with a nasty side effect from it. A huge black swelling on his arm. He showed me the pics.

A few days later, my wife and I both had it.

We had been taking the correct precautions. No, not wearing a mask like a stupid NPC. Rather, we’ve been working out 4 times a week, getting sunlight, and taking Zinc, Quercetin (helps your body absorb Zinc), and Vitamins C & D.

Notice what I said above? The people who died had co-morbidities, were obese, and lacked Vitamin D.

So get healthy and get sunlight. How hard is that?

Apparently, the average NPC will rather scream “wear your mask” than go to the gym. Because your average NPC is a lazy piece of shit.

Back to the guy. Bless his heart. Good man. But he had no choice. He had kids to feed. So he got the jab, and promptly got those side effects.

I’m not mad at him at all. Not his fault.

I blame Big Pharma and Big Tech who suppressed the truth, as we learned from the Twitter Files.

If you haven’t read the Twitter Files yet, you need to.


Now, the entire media is gaslighting you.

They’re now saying that it was all a choice. You didn’t have to get the vaccine. You didn’t have to wear a mask.

They’re lying about closing down the schools. They’re lying about closing the beaches and the churches.

But we have video evidence of it all.

Not only that, nobody takes into account the side effects of the lockdowns.

How many people killed themselves during the lockdowns?

How many people couldn’t go to their loved ones funerals during the lockdowns?

How many children will now be emotionally disabled because they missed 2 years of schooling/interacting with other people?

In San Francisco, they kept us inside and said you could only go outside for emergency reasons. The lockdowns were quite severe.

But now, they’re straight up lying and saying they never did that.

And it’s weird how the NPCs are all lying now and saying this all never happened.

We remember. And I’m not going to forgive.

The lonely path

I lost friends.

I have family members that we’ll simply never recover.

And I got the only social media account I’ve ever cared about banned for speaking up.

And once again, they’re going to lie to you. They’ll tell you that they never were for the lockdowns, the bans, the loss of employment.

To be continued…

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  1. Roman it is multi/layered and the USA obviously got many things wrong. As a history guy and reader – you know it is too early to know how this thing really went down. There are some obvious things that were done wrong like shutting down schools and of course there was an overreach, but remember the power of fear but to commingle that out with some sort of deliberate government plot – I think it’s an extension of the modern divisive times we live in. I believe people, especially in the public sector, can get things wrong and often do. The problem is assuming evil when they do (get things wrong). Also, was america the only country that was evil? Or is it a blanket determination that all the countries with their lockdowns were all just “stupid” or “sheep” over, controlling, and not actually demonstrating a legitimate fear, for what seemed to be a major health crisis Pandemics and plagues are not new to human history.

    1. Sweden got it right from the beginning. And it’s weird how the media collectively said that everyone in Sweden regrets it. The reverse is true. Most Swedish people are glad. Statistically, they’ve had over 30% less deaths per capita than we did too, so while we were all locked up and masked up like retards, they were out living normal lives.

      Another thing that gets me is that the media is asking for amnesty. Not forgiveness. Amnesty.

      No, this wasn’t a mistake. This was evil.

      You really need to read the Twitter Files. You’ll see the collusion between Big Pharma, Big Tech, the media, and the FBI was indeed evil. It was about control. It was never about the virus. Big Tech had FBI employees literally telling them who to ban.

      I’ll readily admit that I’m not the smartest guy in the world, yet, I figured this out in 2020. The Twitter Files confirmed my suspicions. The difference between me and NPCs is I question everything. NPCs believe what the authorities tell them, no matter how illogical it is.

      There were a lot of us too. But we all got banned from social media at around the same time. The Twitter Files explained what happened at Twitter but we can safely assume that the same thing happened at Facebook, Google, etc.

      You’re a good man, Marcell. And that’s to a fault. You really want to see the good in people. But some people are nefarious and they know that you can manipulate most people through fear.

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