Sex roles exist and yes, we’re born with them

I’ve been reading some Jack Donovan lately. He released a free PDF to answer “what is masculinity?” And he tackles the current woketarded bullshit that has taken over academics recently.

Over the years, I’ve become very anti-educated people. The more educated a lot of these fools are, the more stupid they get.

For instance, a former friend married an educated feminist. She just got her Masters degree. And she’s stupid as shit.

I had just started learning Romanian at the time and as you may know, I already speak Spanish. (Well, much better when I’m drinking). So I told her that there are tons of similarities. Like for instance, let’s count to ten – uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. If I misspelled any of those words, my apologies. I said speak, not write.

Now let’s take Romanian – unu, două, trei, patru, cinci, şase, șapte, opt, noua, zece. Almost the same fucking thing!

And the dumb bitch? “I’m not seeing it,” she says dismissively.

That’s because you’re a stupid, bitter cunt.

It’s been a general thing lately. Not necessarily in STEM, but in the social sciences. People are graduating and they still can’t find their ass on a map. Then they go to Grad school and somehow manage to get even dumber.

Well, I found out the root cause of it. Universities are no longer educational institutions. Today, they’re brainwashing institutions. With the exception of STEM of course (but for how long?)

I know one dumb girl who argued with me that the Ancient Egyptians are really Nigerians. Do you think this dumb chick ever even looked at a map of Africa?

So reading Donovan was a breath of fresh air. Finally someone normal without some retarded agenda to promote. Read:

Do male sex roles exist? Of course they do. Do the particulars of the male sex role vary from culture to culture, due to differences in economics, religion, resources, technological advancement, weather, historical factors and innumerable cultural idiosyncrasies and influences? Of course they do. However, Mead and Brannon rejected the importance of biological influences in shaping those roles.

Jack Donovan

And he adds:

Males will be larger than females. More males than females will be conceived and born. Males will die younger as a result of physiological malfunction than females. Males will engage in more risky activities in the context of acquiring mates than females. Males will have higher mortality than females as a result of external causes, such as combat, disease, and accidents. Males will exhibit more general aggression than females.

More often than females, males will engage in escalating violent aggression that leads to injury and even death. Pre-adult males will engage in more competitive and aggressive play than pre-adult females. Males will be less discriminating about and more eager to copulate with females than vice-versa.

Jack Donovan

Yes. We’re different.

And I argue that’s a good thing. Men have our strengths and weaknesses. Women have their strengths and weaknesses.

And we compliment each other perfectly.

Gender is not a social construct. Anyone telling you this is a fucking moron.

Then, you always got that educated idiot who will say “well, what about the Wodaabe tribe in Africa?”

I always love to shoot back – find them on a map. The educated dickhead never could. I’ll even give educated dickhead a hint – they’re in the Sahel region.

“Where’s that?”

Yeah, just what I thought.

So you found the one exception and you even managed to fail locating where they are on a map. You just simply regurgitate what your professor told you, thinking you could outsmart me. Nice try, dickhead.

Anyways, I’ve been drinking and now got to get back to my artwork. But I noticed I didn’t publish a single blog post in the month of November. I need to start taking this blog seriously again.

If you like my writing, check out the book I wrote mostly sober – Dork to Pimp Daddy. That book serves two functions – teaches you an easy to learn system on drawing nude women and also artist game, the elite, creme de la creme of game where you’ll meet the most beautiful women on the planet.

I’ll write part 2 of this tomorrow or Wednesday.

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  1. I like your thinking and writing. Blogs are great. I agree with you one education level. The drawing and painting to. Hard to draw nudes when it is considered nasty at home. Almost funny.

    1. Yeah, it’s sad because college used to teach that stuff.

      College educated people used to be able to process information and understand context. Not anymore.

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