These are ironically the same clowns that used to tell you to question authority

I question everything. ESPECIALLY myself.

I’ve changed political allegiances several times because life is simply the best teacher. And my most important lesson is that politicians are dickheads to begin with. You get amoral assholes who are only looking for more money and more power.

Yes, this applies to both parties. Check out the people who’ve been there the longest. What do they all have in common?

They’re all now filthy rich. No difference between the Nancy Pelosi’s and the Mitch McConnell’s. They’re all corrupt as fuck and servants of the Military Industrial Complex.

Sadly though, 2020-2022 showed me that most of my family and friends are stupid as shit. Because they’d all stick a dildo up their ass if that Fauci sociopath told them to.

I question everything.

March 2020, we were already getting the early results. The people who died? Very old, morbidly obese, and lacking in Vitamin D.

The very old of course you can’t help. You’re your age. Can’t change that.

But morbidly obese and lacking in Vitamin D? Easy to fix. Right?

So what did the authorities do?

They closed the beaches and the gyms. Keep in mind, this was March 2020.

That’s when I knew the authorities were full of shit and didn’t have our best interests. At all.

Worse though, almost everyone I knew went along with them.

“But how was I supposed to know?”

How come I knew and they didn’t?

I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t question. They just trust authorities. And once again, if that Fauci sociopath told them to stick a dildo up their ass, they would have.

“Get this vaccine!”


“Because it will prevent you from getting the disease.”

Has it been tested?

“Well no. But don’t ask those questions. Take the vaccine because Fauci told me to tell you to.”


I never took it.

I got death threats. Anonymous of course because they’re all cowards. My social media accounts closed.

Several of my who I thought were close friends stopped talking to me.

And I had very few people on my side.

That’s when I changed. Found out who I could trust. Ended up surprising me. People I would have never considered.

Everything comes around.

The next few years are gonna be fun.

I know several of you got it to keep your jobs. You’re in my prayers.

I hope you know I’m not at all mad at you. I’m mad at the people who forced you to get it.


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    1. “But one scientist says…”

      Yup. Appeal to authority. That’s what they always do.

      That’s when I realized almost everyone I knew was retarded, when they didn’t even bother questioning this bullshit.

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