So, we’re supposed to just forgive and forget, huh?

Forgiveness is earned.

I don’t just forgive some narcissistic asshole because he wants me to forget what happened.

Fuck Arnie. He’s a piece of shit.

And the only reason he’s apologizing? To save face. That’s it.

Nope. No forgiveness from me.

Now of the celebrities, he’s not even the one I hate the most. Howard Stern and Gene Simmons wanted us purebloods dead. So fuck those guys even more.

I want to be very clear here. I keep hearing people saying “well, how could I have known?”

Have you asked yourself how I knew?

I’m not even a health professional and I knew. I knew it was a fraud all along. That the whole Covid thing was overblown. That is was more a check to see how far the government can become a police state rather than actually caring about our health.

I knew this in March 2020. I got banned from social media for voicing it.

March 2020, the early indicators came out on Covid. Who was dying? The morbidly obese with co-morbidities who weren’t getting enough sunlight.

So work out and go to the beach, right?

Nope. They closed the gyms and the beaches. It was right at that moment that I knew this wasn’t about our health. It was a power play.

Yes, that’s an OFFICIAL tweet from the US FDA. These vaccines that the Covid cult wanted to shove down everyone’s throats?

I told you they were dangerous.

How did I know they were dangerous?

The truth? I didn’t. But I don’t trust a medicine that is under 20 years old. For obvious reasons. Just look at TV and all the lawyers suing FDA approved drugs for bad side effects and deaths. Look at all the medicines that have to be pulled off the market for delayed side effects. Anyone remember the flipper babies? Or am I the only one who remembers that the FDA gets things wrong? All the time.

I could go on and on about FDA approved drugs that caused heart attacks, strokes, CANCER, increased suicide rates, depression, anxiety, your bowels releasing at the absolute worst possible time, your inner organs ceasing their function, severe skin irritations. But yeah, keep trusting the FDA as your only source rather than your brain. See how that works out for you.

I just knew that there was a 0% chance of me or the Mrs dying from Covid.

When I finally got it, it was a joke. I lost taste for 2 days and that was it. Didn’t miss a minute of work because other than not being able to taste for two days, it was a nothingburger.

You see, I got this thing called “an immune system.” When I get sick, my immune system beats the shit out of the invader. Then I get well.

Just like that.

I knew that’s what would have happened when I got Covid too. I thought I might miss a day or two of work. I didn’t know that Covid would be the WEAKEST thing I ever fought. It was like taking candy from a baby.

Now, fuck the government. Fuck Big Pharma. Fuck Fauci. And fuck all you “wear a mask” pussies.

Fuck all those celebrities as well. I’m not going to forgive a single one of them.

Especially that Stephen Colbert pussy who did that vaccine dance. That was pathetic, and if you still like that guy, fuck you too.

And once again, my heart goes out to those who lost their jobs because they refused to get the vaccine. I’m also sympathetic to those who got the jab to keep their jobs. I get it. You have to feed your family. I am sympathetic to them.

I will never, ever forgive those who wanted to force it on others. I don’t care how hard you apologize. Those people are dead to me.

“But millions of people died from Covid.”

No they didn’t. If you actually believe that, you’re retarded.

The numbers were all lies. They’re much, much smaller. The people who actually died from Covid are closer to 1% of the reported numbers.

Hospitals were getting paid for reporting Covid deaths. So you even had people killed in GRISLY motorcycle and car accidents listed as Covid deaths. Look it up. Many, many such cases.

Now, you also have to differentiate dying FROM Covid vs dying WITH Covid. Huge difference.

Very few healthy people actually died from Covid. It happened, but it was very, very rare.

As opposed to the Spanish Flu which killed millions of HEALTHY people.

As a nation, we’re fat. This was our great chance to address the obesity problem, especially considering that morbidly obese people were dying from it but fit people weren’t. Another government failure.

So once again, fuck the government. Fuck Big Pharma. Fuck Fauci. Fuck all these celebrities. And fuck all you “wear a mask” pussy ass bitches.

Before I got banned

And finally, one last slap in the face to you Covid cult members.

Before I got banned from social media, I had a conversation with an African guy about Covid. I half jokingly asked him if he was scared of Covid. (I already knew he wasn’t).

His response?

“No. We have real diseases in Africa.”

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