Some things they just don’t tell you

I won’t mention names because I don’t want to give them more credit than they deserve. But if you’ve been on social media recently, that’s all they’ve been talking about.

I know from 2 friends who’ve been texting me. And I’d have to say I agree with Terrance K Williams. It’s fake.

Let’s see. The Oscars. Nobody watches them anymore. If you think I’m exaggerating, do a quick search for Oscar ratings. The drop off looks like a misprint.

Maybe the average American doesn’t want some spoiled rich douchebag who flies private jets telling us that we need to ride a bike to work because of global warming. Or some other dickhead comedian lecturing us that he doesn’t care about the gas prices because he has a six figure electric car.

Fuck these people. Note, that’s not me saying it. It’s the viewers. Nobody likes being lectured by hypocrites. It’s one of the most annoying things anyone can do.

So you know what comes next. You get the guy who threw the slap to apologize. Then the guy who made the joke will apologize. Then you get a long lecture about how bad that condition is and donate to this and that. And everyone’s friends again. Oh and by the way, be sure to watch next year’s Oscars.

They’re actors. They do this shit for a living. They’re literally paid to pretend to be someone they’re not.

So yes, I see thru bullshit. It’s something that took decades of dealing with bullshit to do but I’m finally getting good at it.


So speaking of bullshit, here’s a list of random things that they don’t tell you. Big Pharma, Big Insurance, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Tech, and those other lobbies are really running the country. Politicians often go in there with good intentions but the longer they’re in there, the more corrupt they become. The more they become the special interests they joined Congress to oppose.

Term limits people. That’s what we need.


Anyways, notice the media keeps saying it’s meat that makes you fat? I had at least one steak 14 days in a row recently. Checked my blood pressure and it’s 119/79 and my bpm was 63. Not great. But not bad. Pretty good for an older guy like me.

So no, contrary to what the media tells you, it’s not meat that’s making Americans fat. It’s processed foods, seed oils, sugar, and corn syrup.

Cut all 4 out of your diet as much as you can. If I’m working out really hard and sweating like a pig, I’ll still have an occasional Mexican coke which has cane sugar rather than corn syrup. Tastes better too.

I’m not a diet purist. But pretty close. There is no processed food in our house. No corn syrup.

We got meat, fruits, veggies, rice, pasta, beans, lots of different types of salts, and a shitload of spices. But when we go out to eat, I’ll often break the rules.

Skincare and haircare

Most soaps aren’t too good for you. Find something that doesn’t irritate your skin and use that.

Then, note you don’t have to soap your whole body in your daily shower. Just soap the parts that produce smell – pits, crotch, ass, and feet. I only soap my whole body once a week. This applies to both genders. (And of course if you’re a woman, know your pussy. If it’s irritated and/or smells bad, you’re doing something wrong).

And shampoo is bad news. Use sparingly. Your natural oils are a good thing.


Before you even finish your sentence, go thru your diet. If your diet sucks, that’s why your skin and your hair is fucked up.

Do you drink enough water? Do you consume something that irritates your skin and/or your hair?

Notice the media never mentions any of this. Because it’s all about advertisers. You don’t want to piss off the people who are paying your bills.

You don’t have to be polite to everybody

A lot of folks out there are garbage human beings. And trying to be friends with garbage people takes you away from being friends with good people.

I’ve probably said this a dozen times already on this blog but this is a point I really need to bring home.

The sun is your friend

And lastly, enjoy as much sun as your skin will allow.

I’m blessed. I’m dark skinned.

Anyone who says the words “white privilege” unironically is a piece of shit. There are zero exceptions to this. I hate people who hate white people.

White people have it harder than I do. By far.

I can be on a Mediterranean beach all day long and never get burned. I just get a deeper tan. And no, I’m not wearing any sunblock. Just shorts, a baseball cap, and glasses.

Even the Caribbean. I’ll limit my sun to about four hours at a time because we’re pretty close the equator. And no, I’m still not wearing any sunblock. Just shorts, a baseball cap, and glasses. Usually got a mixed drink by me too and either the Mrs or another hot babe. (Being an artist has its perks). Heck, I don’t even think I got sunburned on Colombia’s beaches and that’s pretty close to the equator.

The sun has tons of benefits. Vitamin D. Morale. Giving you a gorgeous tan. Hot chicks in bikinis (or less). Immune system boost. Sexual performance boost. Your artistic skills will even improve by enjoying some sunlight. And yes, I’m serious about the last 2. That shit is real, and real as it gets.

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  1. I was less like to burn when I lived in FL and was outside. I did get some bad moles, etc. But was less likely to burn.

    I was a nice brown. Bad part? When I spent 6 on 6 off inside for three months, it kept me from that good color

    Started burning when I moved to North AL, then again I got sick plenty. Seldom when I was drinking in the service

    1. Did you notice if you were happier when in the sun?

      Whereas we all know that SAD (seasonal afflicted disorder) is a really thing now, I’m convinced that the reverse is also true. The more you’re in the sun, the happier you’ll be. Of course with exceptions like if you’re doing forced labor or a horrible back-breaking job. But I’m talking about simply spending more quality time in the sun, which Americans don’t get enough of nowadays. Especially with phone/social media addictions.

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