I am grateful to have known the hemophiliac kid

It’s weird how memories work. You’re in the middle of doing something, then something completely random pops into your head.

This is one thing I love about being a writer. Have a random thought? Awesome. Now you get to see it.

When I was a kid, we had a hemophiliac in our school. We all had specific instructions to not let him bleed because we knew that if he started bleeding, he won’t stop.

Kids have a sort of built in morality. We didn’t want this kid to die.

The weird thing though – the kid was an asshole. He sometimes would egg people on. Actually try to piss someone off enough to start a fight with him.

But we knew that if we fought him, it wouldn’t end well. No, not for us. For him. One cut, and he bleeds to death.

So no one hit him.

He only lasted a year at our school. Never saw him again.

I have no idea if he moved or if something bad happened.

Then the 80s came and with the 80s – AIDS.

Sadly, I read somewhere that the majority of hemophiliacs died of AIDS in the 80s. They had no way back then of knowing if blood transfusions had tainted blood. And whereas AIDS today is an inconvenience, it was a death sentence back then.

So unfortunately it’s safe to assume that he died sometime in the 80s in his teens. Probably died a virgin too.

People nowadays complain about everything.

Let’s put things in perspective. Are you really worse off than that kid?


Then maybe stop bitching and start living life. Whatever you did, you get a second chance. He’s long dead and died before he reached your current age.

RIP hemophiliac kid. I don’t even remember his name.

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  1. My own hemophilliac kid was a bullied kid. I stayed away from him in high school. Weird helmet head looking dude, flat feet. Would get mad and lunge at people. He never had any coordination or rhythm. Too awkward for martial arts and clumsy for football. He eventually threatened to kill our guidance counselor, who was an okay dude. (Not according to his daughter, just me).
    Helmet head got expelled.

    It was weird knowing that dude for four or five years. When he left, I met his younger brother by accident. Younger bro was cool and better with people.

    I hope that helmet head got help. I sure as f*ck did.

    1. I had to look it up. Over half of the hemophiliacs died in the 80s from bad AIDS blood. Apparently, there are different levels of hemophilia and of the higher level, most of them died. Yikes!

      Yeah. Poor kid. I think high school brings out the worst in people. I wonder if my hemophiliac kid made it to high school. Then I wonder if he got bullied or not. He definitely was super awkward in grade school for the one year I knew him.

      I’m sure helmet head’s younger brother learned a lot what not to do from his older brother. Ironically, having a brother like that taught him a lot really fast.

        1. You know, it’s funny you mention that.

          There’s always the stereotype that it’s poor folks who interbreed. But in reality, it’s the other way around.

          If I remember correctly, Amenhotep married his sister. Several of the other Pharaohs married first cousins. And of course, we got the Bourbons, the Romanovs, the Hapsburgs, etc. The Romanovs of course interbred so much they got hemophilia and the Hapsburgs interbred so much they got severe birth defects, from mental retardation to that protruding chin, some of which protruded so far that it was hard for them to close their mouths.

          If you haven’t seen it, do an image search for “Hapsburg jaw.” It’s not exactly aesthetic.

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