They canceled Dr. Seuss

Do the following.

Go to Type in Dr. Seuss. Search for highest price to lowest.

This is what I did. And I got this:

A snapshot of Dr. Seuss on Ebay

Earlier, I was talking about wokeshevik douchebags and creeping communism. Well my friends, it’s already here.

Apparently, some folks are scrambling to get Dr. Seuss books while you still can.

It’s Ebay, so there’s no guarantees that they will get those asking prices. But who knows? I’m guessing several of those will actually sell for that much.

Everyone grew up with Dr. Seuss. He was just a part of our childhoods.

I don’t remember if he was necessarily the first thing I’ve ever read. I can’t recall that long ago.

I do remember reading Dr. Seuss to my son when he was little.

The thing is, when will it stop? Historically, once they start censoring, they don’t stop.

You’d think Dr. Seuss will be safe. Guess again.

Six of his books will now be out of print. Forever.

I even heard that the foundation will change some of his works.

Imagine, you’re a great author. And you write something great. And your stupid descendants got offended by what you wrote so they ban some of it and change the rest.

They won’t stop with Dr. Seuss

They won’t stop with Dr. Seuss. They even tore down statues of Abraham Lincoln. Wasn’t he the guy who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation?

Like I’ve mentioned a few times now, with the communists in power, both Prokofiev and Shostakovitch feared for their lives at various points in their careers. Thankfully for Rachmaninoff, he got the fuck out of there and came to the States.

What if Russia becomes the symbol for Freedom while America turns communist? I can’t speak for Russia right now, but America is definitely heading in a more Soviet direction than I’d ever think would happen in my lifetime.

Enough is enough, my friends. It’s time to put a stop to this woke nonsense.

Censorship is unamerican and shouldn’t be tolerated. And communists killed between 50-100 million people. We’ll never know because they were so good at disposing of bodies.

Wokeism is Marxism. Don’t be afraid to call it out.

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  1. Here on the island, the wokeism is contained in universities and not invading since there sparsely any youth here because of immigration. This destruction of culture must be stopped, but I’m at odds at finding the solutions to this.

    1. Yeah, I’m not even sure how to stop it here other than call out wokeism + keep creating quality culture.

      Islands face a whole different array of problems, and if I’m not mistaken in regards to at least the Caribbean islands, most of the best jobs revolve around tourism. And I definitely get it that not everyone wants to work in the tourism industry.

      1. Yeah, tourism is our big money maker because everything else is imported. And I shit you not, we have good chunks of land that are not even used for agriculture. Too bad our politicians are only focused in robbing people blind.

        1. I’m not surprised. Politicians find ways to make everything inefficient while they somehow get richer.

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