Not all artists are Wokeshevik douchebags

I’m glad Tumblr is on its last legs. I hated that platform. Mostly though, I hated the people.

It was woke bullshit, with everyone trying to one up each other to show how woke they were.

Unfortunately, those people have migrated onto other platforms. And pretty much ruined social media. Yet another reason I’m off of social media.

A lot of people don’t know this, but the whole woke crap actually comes from Marxism. Yes, it’s Marxism with a friendly face.

They’ve infested our colleges and are now infesting our institutions. You can’t get away from their bullshit wherever you go. They’re all over corporations and now even interrupting your football games.

I love sports and the absolute last thing I want to do when watching a sports game is to get lectured about politics. A lot of us watch sports to enjoy the game and get away from politics.

I was on Instagram awhile back and I kept getting all these messages from woketards that I need to do this and that. No, I’m not painting an obese mermaid, nor will I paint one with short hair.

My models are fit and feminine. Obesity isn’t healthy and all sizes are not beautiful. I’m not buying into this woke nonsense.

I’m also finding normal people, the few of us left, are getting sick of it.

I hate intersectionalism. It’s that endless victim mentality, where everyone is a victim. But some are more victim than others. And you’re supposed to treat people differently based on how much they’re victimized.

Sound retarded?

It is.

Artists are supposed to believe in Free Speech. The absolute last thing we need is for people to censor our works. But with communism, which is what woke people really are, that’s what’s coming.

I’ve drawn that line in the sand though. No, I’m not one of them and I’ll make that clear.

Anyways, I’ll be talking a lot more about art, art technique, music, culture, and watercolors coming up. Especially watercolors as that’s my medium for now. I might get into oils later on down the road but I’m simply enjoying watercolors too much to try a different medium.

It’s sad that I have to waste time fighting Wokeism. But they hate America, they hate Freedom, and they hate people like me. I’ll do the opposite of stay silent though. They can fuck themselves.

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    1. That’s actually a good idea. For one, culture is more important than politics anyways. And for another, the interactions are severely more pleasant.

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