When masculinity disappears for a generation

The 80s really were a golden decade. If someone says they didn’t have a good time that decade, they were either too young or socially retarded.

I could tell people stories about what happened. People nowadays won’t believe me. They’d think I’m exaggerating.

But if I told someone who also lived thru it, they’d start sharing their crazy ass stories too. We’d have an immediate connection because you really had to be there to experience it.

I imagine the 20s were also like that. That’s the 1920s. Definitely not talking about the 2020s.

Now, I’ll have a blast in the 2020s. Not because the 2020s are fun. But because my wife and I made some life and financial decisions that put us in the upper 10%.

This is from a couple who started at zero. Literally. With a surprise kid out of wedlock on top of that.

Where did it all go wrong?

Two very bad things happened in the 90s. Cynicism. And masculinity became a bad thing.

My friends all know how much I hate Kurt Cobain. He’s amongst my least favorite people to ever live.

I wouldn’t hate him so much if he didn’t have so much influence. Unfortunately, he did.

Nirvana killed the rock star. Both Rock and Metal were both super fun in the 80s. You had everyone from the Cars to Motley Crue to Duran Duran to Poison who dated hot chicks and threw insane parties. As rock stars were supposed to do.

Us regular folk had smaller versions of those parties. You know those high school parties from the 80s movies? Yes, they really were like that.

We may have dressed silly. But damn, it was fun.

Then Grunge came and made both Rock and Metal uncool. Metal today is SJW and I don’t even bother telling anyone I like Metal. If anyone asks, I say Classical and Dad Metal.

And Nirvana and those bands hated masculinity with a passion. Made being a man uncool. They wore ugly clothes, they smelled like homeless bums, and they scared away the babes.

That’s just music though.

After the Berlin Wall fell, everyone had a great outlook towards everything. The Cold War would end soon and Russia and us will be friends again. As we should have been all along.

But nothing turned out like it should have. We ended up with a real bad cynicism creeping into our culture and it permeated into everything from music to television to painting.

In the 90s, everyone tried to say they were abused children. Having a tormented childhood was the in thing. People exaggerated how much abuse they took. They got spanked once when they darted in front of a car and they’d say they got abused their whole childhood.

I remember a stand up comic making fun of it. He said something along the lines of “you’re not a loser because your dad’s an alcoholic. He’s an alcoholic because you’re a loser.”

Listen to their language

Orwell warned us they will use language against us

Anyone remember George Orwell? He wrote both 1984 and Animal Farm, two must read books.

1984 explained how the Party rewrote language, then limited words. Words have power.

In the 80s, boys referred to their testicles as family jewels and in the 90s, junk became the popular term. This is not a coincidence.

Family jewels are something you treasure and take care of. Junk is something you discard.

You can probably think of several examples where the Post Modernists/Communists use words to make masculinity a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. No wonder so many young boys nowadays want to change their gender.

Competition is a good thing

I was so good in American football in junior high that I really thought I had a chance to make the NFL. Well, didn’t happen. By my sophomore year of high school, I realized this was a pipe dream.

However, I brought that competitive spirit into every single thing I did. In my 20s, I was a mediocre boxer but a pretty good wrestler. Never competitive level, but good enough to be in incredible shape.

I highly recommend sports, especially for boys. Boys have tremendous amounts of energy which should be channeled into something productive.

Sports are not only a great outlet, they teach you teamwork.

But in the 90s, kids’ leagues started to not keep score. Which is retarded.

“Then how will anyone know who won?”

Exactly. That’s how they want it. Everyone gets a trophy, whether you’re good or you suck.

Rewarding mediocrity and punishing masculinity

They even introduced participation trophies, where you get a trophy just for participating. This was all intentional. They’re designed to reward mediocrity and punish masculinity.

It’s in our genes to compete. That’s what men do.

We compete in everything. How much we can drink. How well we fight. Who gets the hottest chicks. Who catches the biggest fish. Who runs the fastest. Who plays the guitar the fastest.

Heck, I even remember the name of the kid who beat me at math in 2nd grade. I was 2nd best. I didn’t mind though because he was that cool kid with the hot mom.

Yes, you heard me right. His mom was smoking hot and even as kids, we enjoyed going over to his house and her bringing us sandwiches.

That’s what men are supposed to do.

And when someone breaks your record? You train harder to break it back.

That’s how the human race progresses. By getting better.

The better man is supposed to go on to breed with the better woman. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Today? It’s not even politically correct to bring that up.

And speaking of politics

I try to avoid politics on this blog. But I will say one thing.

Look at the laws. A lot of them are intentionally setup against men seeing their kids. That’s why we have men’s Rights groups in the first place.

I really feel bad for men who are limited or barred from seeing their kids. That’s seriously evil and screws up the kids.

What happens when fathers disappear?

For political reasons, fathers got more and more pushed out of the picture. The State becomes the father and the real father is someone you see every other weekend. Or less. Or not at all.

The harsh truth is one of three things happen when a boy has no father. 1 – he becomes a cartoon male, and prisons are full of them.

What’s a cartoon male? Exactly what it sounds like. They’re more like cartoons than real people.

These are the guys who lacked self-control and chased down and shot that bad driver or stabbed a guy who looked at him wrong. Prisons are full of them. I’ve seen various studies ranging from 75-95% of men in prisons had no father. Not a coincidence.

2. The opposite. The boy becomes a momma’s boy. A total pansy.

He lacks that masculine fuel and instead, cries easily and is scared of everything.

We’ve all known these kids growing up. Back in the day, we called them “momma’s boys.” You probably can’t even call them that any more.

They grow up with such bad anxiety that you and I end up taking care of them. Or worse – the male feminist, the biggest hypocritical slimeball you’ll ever meet.

A feminist who hates my wife (because this feminist used to be married to a rich guy, got divorced, got ugly, and now hates women in her former shoes) raised two sons from different fathers on her own. She taught them to pee sitting down. The older son is almost 30 and still breaks down and cries over something that’s really not that big of a deal. Perfect example of group 2.

3. They turn out perfectly fine.

Unfortunately, this third group is a minority. And we all know it. We just can’t say that because it’s offensive.

So what will happen to all these kids without fathers?

Well, we’re seeing it now.

To be continued…

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