Dork to Pimp Daddy is out

Howdy folks. It’s officially out –

Please leave a review after you buy it. Amazon reviews really help sales and we need to make this an Amazon bestseller!

Let’s bring back aesthetics. Let’s bring back beauty. And let’s bring back making adding skill sets to your talent stack cool again.

Can’t draw? Fine. If you can draw a stick figure, I’ll teach you the rest. That’s all the skill you need.

Even comes with some special bonus chapters. If you buy it simply to learn to draw, totally fine. But if you want to know artist game, that’s one of the bonus chapters.

It’s not a coincidence that you’ll see artists and rock stars with the hottest babes. Artist game is the elite. Top of the top.

While other game is about just trying to get laid, the artist gets the best looking girls.

You’ll also notice (if you follow me on Twitter) that I’m one of the only accounts that uses my own pictures. The rest use stock photography or they comment on those stupid podcasts where they somehow find the ditziest chicks on the planet, then complain about women.

Nope. No need for that because I got my own.

We designed it like a Chilton manual. Step-by-step. No steps left out.

You can draw a stick figure? Great. Now add some details. Learn about action lines. Gesture drawings. Then the rest is details.

Step-by-step. No steps left out.

And it’s fun! Katie, Celeste, and Lorna are my main models for the book.

This book alone is game. Buy it. Leave it on your coffee table. And let her find it.

She’ll ask questions. Simply answer them.

I explain this in way more detail in the bonus chapters. But the bulk of the book is an instruction manual. Step by step. No steps left out.

Buy it here –

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