Watercolor isn’t for everyone

I recently changed this website’s tagline. It used to be “we paint beautiful women.” I liked that for awhile. But then, I started thinking that it was too vague.

Beautiful women? Yes. Painting? Yes. But that’s too generic, don’t you think?

Sure, I incorporate gouache with my watercolors. However, I’m mostly a watercolor artist and half this blog is about watercolors. So I decided to change the tagline to “not your Grandma’s watercolors.”

Why that?

Think about it for a minute. It still mentions painting. But watercolors do have a stereotype. When people think of watercolors, they generally think of some old lady painting a seascape. While that’s beautiful and all, it’s kinda boring.

So why not break the stereotype? I’ll keep it opened ended though.

My name is starting to get out there anyways as a pinup artist. Almost nobody does pinups in watercolor. They almost always use oils or nowadays digital art. A computer.

Not me. Give me watercolors because I could do layer after layer. Plus, I like the chaos of the water. I don’t like the perfection of a computer. It’s not human.

The chaos of the water

If you’re a control freak, you’re not going to like watercolors. The water has a mind of its own. You’re constantly either fighting the water or working with it. Sometimes both. At the same time.

A lot of people can’t handle the chaos. They’d rather have something definite. Like oils or acrylics. Or computers.

That’s fine. That’s them. More power to them.

Not me. I’m totally a water person. Nothing I’d rather do than spend the whole day in the Caribbean with a pair of beautiful women. That’s the life right there.

Yeah, I drink too much and I like beautiful women. Sue me. I live my life unapologetically. I’m not going to change because of today’s weak ass political correctness.

Most people can’t keep up. Actually, most is an understatement. Even in my advancing age, I’m having trouble finding people who can keep up with me.

Easy to start, a lifetime to master

Another beauty of watercolor – it doesn’t take much to get going. We live in a tiny ass apartment with literally no space for anything. I paint on the floor. I own a collection of paints, some brushes, and a various assortment of generally hot press watercolor paper. But lately, I’ve been doing a lot of painting onto watercolor boards.

Regardless, it doesn’t take much to get started. I use Kimchi jars for the water jars and I own one single porcelain watercolor palette.

Then I have a collection of pencils and inks. None of this stuff breaks the bank. Also, none of it takes up that much space.

You don’t have to be rich to get started. That’s why I’ve always said that watercolor is a working class’s art form. Just get started.

Roxy as a mermaid
Roxy as a mermaid

Mastering on the other hand, that takes years. Draw and paint every single day for a few years, then get back to me.

Randomness and/or Chaos

I’ve always said there are four types of people. There are water people who are very fluid and can go with the flow in most situations. There are air people who are ethereal. They often make the best artists.

There are earth people who are solid and grounded. They’re like rocks. They’re dependable, and make excellent accountants. Then there are fire people. Uh oh. They range from hot tempered to passionate and can either be the best leaders or the worst psychos.

Those are gross generalizations. We’re all different percentages of each of the four. But you know what? Sometimes it’s fun to play along.

You can already guess who watercolors appeal to. If you can’t handle the randomness and/or chaos of water, watercolor won’t be for you. It’s as simple as that.

The water does what it wants to do. You merely guide it.

I do suggest everyone try it. See if they like it. See if they hate it. Either way, it’s best to at least try it.

Even if down the road I make the switch to oils, I know deep in my heart that I’ll always do watercolors. At least on the side.

For now though, I don’t see myself switching over any time soon.

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