And so it begins…

I talked earlier about how I started investing in cryptocurrrencies not too long ago. Well, now I’m selling digital art.

I decided to sell my art in several different ways. I sell my paintings in person. For some of the paintings, I’ll take a picture of the painting and my wife will animate it, then create an animated gif. From there, I’ll sell it as an NFT.

Here’s my first one – Roxy as Sirena Azteca.

It’s based off my painting Sirena Azteca, modeled by the lovely Roxy. That’s an Aztec temple in the background. I climbed the famous one in Mexico City. I’ve also climbed several of the Mayan ones, which are considerably smaller.

Some folks don’t know that Mexico City was built on a lake. So this painting isn’t too far fetched. Of course though, Roxy’s a mermaid. But y’all know I’m a pinup artist with a soft spot for fantasy.

Sirena Azteca

To be clear, I’m not using this as a get rich scheme. Most NFTs don’t sell. I also have no social media presence as I got sick of all the bullshit that social media comes with.

But I’m going to start building a presence on Rarible. I’ll make one of these a week.

Everything’s a learning experience. Art. Investing in cryptocurrencies. Selling digital art via a cryptocurrency.

Anyways, hope this sells. Heck, maybe you’re interested in it.

I can’t guarantee you this will go up in value but I can guarantee you that at least one of my NFTs will go up big time. The trick will be buying the right one.


Ouch. Sometimes you learn things the hard way.

I wasted $20 in gas fees but lesson learned. We didn’t know to save the animated gif in a higher resolution and it simply looked bad. So I burned it, which means you unlink the file (it goes into never never land).

You have to pay another gas fee to do that, but better that than a mediocre piece for sale. I take pride in my work and it wasn’t good enough to sell.

So we had to make another one, which costed additional gas fees. You’re now seeing the updated piece of digital art.

We also now have Hellooo Allie! for sale.

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