“Because that must means he loves her.”

Men and women get their “value” in different ways. The woketards will have you believe otherwise but they don’t live in reality.

I deal with reality. Good or bad, I want the truth.

There’s an old saying in Italy about mistresses. I love this saying. Not because I’m pro or anti mistresses. I love how it deals with reality. This old saying summons up value.

It goes like this.

A rich and powerful man will have a mistress.

If she’s beautiful, his wife can’t blame him. She knows how much fun a young and beautiful woman will be for him.

Now if she’s ugly, that’s a problem. Because that must means he loves her.

Men’s value

Money and power isn’t everything. It’s simply a good start.

I talked in my incel article that I had no problems with the babes even when I was flat broke. I explain more about men’s perceived value in that article.

Look at the software moguls for instance. They got all the money in the world yet no game whatsoever. They’ll marry the first girl who touches their ding dings, no matter how awful she looks.

But going back to the Italian saying – you can assume a rich and powerful man in Italy isn’t an incel. He’s got built in game. He’s Italian after all. Not like some Silicon Valley nerd who spent half his high school years stuffed in a locker screaming at each passerby to let him out.

No, a rich Italian man can dance. He can often speak multiple languages. And he knows how to speak to women.

With his money though, it gives him the trump card. Women love lifestyle. One of my buddies used concert tickets to meet women. His pickup line was simple – “I got an extra ticket.”

Add money and it gets more interesting. What venue? Oh, the Dominican Republic. I got a place there. I hope you can dance.

Women’s value

Feminists will have women believe that men value degrees over looks. In reality, it’s the other way around.

My opening line isn’t “so baby, what did you get your degree in?”

I could care less if she has a degree or not. To me, it’s just a piece of paper.

To make matters worse, a degree in bullshit is three strikes. Women’s studies? Forget it. Guaranteed nutcase. Social work? Forget it. Guaranteed she’d be 200+ lbs in her thirties.

I care about how good she looks. How much she smiles. How well she can cook. How fun she will be. How well she will raise my kids. The important stuff.

See, I tell you the truth. 99% of men agree with me internally. It’s just most men are too chickenshit to offend anyone so they lie and pretend to want something they don’t want.

I couldn’t even write this article in the 1980s because it would be writing an article that said the sky is blue and water is wet. Truth was a given back then. Today, everything’s a microaggression. And everything’s a lie.

The funny thing is, feminists will tell you that men are intimidated by women with high degrees. They’re wrong. Leila (who I met in real life and is a wonderful person) is correct:

Leila is right

Men aren’t intimidated. We just don’t find that attractive.

You got a great smile? A killer body? You’re a sexy dancer?

That’s attractive.

An advanced degree?

Who cares?

For instance, there was a girl who did my Calculus homework for me when I was in college. I’d rather spend my time meeting hot chicks. She did my homework because she wanted me to bang her. She was super smart and a nice girl. Bless her heart, but I simply didn’t find her that physically attractive.

Now, writing essays, I loved that! I actually enjoyed writing essays in college. But doing Calculus? Nope. Not my thing.

Looking back, I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought “Roman was intimidated by how smart I was.” Nope. Like I said, bless her heart, but I simply didn’t find her attractive enough for me.

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  1. Can you believe I asked girls to be my girlfriends one by one during my middle-to-high school years? All of them turned down, and I would sulk back thinking what the hell am I doing wrong. Somehow by sheer luck I managed to get a girlfriend, but unfortunately she cheated on me after I went through my first semester of university. Based on all of those hellish experiences, I decided to step back and reassess my thinking and approach on my own. It was arduous, but now everything is clear to me now.

    1. Yup. That’s how it is with pretty much everything from babes to artwork to investment strategies. I was a gambler when it came to investing and after literally losing everything and returning to a zero net worth, I had to re-evaluate what I was doing wrong.

      Same thing with anything.

      Glad you’re on the right course with the babes.

      Btw, the Mrs is now on book 16.

  2. Yes, woke nation puts way too much emphasis on the wrong attributes about a woman’s appeal. Formal education, status, wealth are way down the list. Do not care about those things at all. Not what msm and Hollywood tries to push, but that’s the truth.

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