A bourbon rambling

I’m sitting here, looking at my blog and realizing I simply don’t write enough articles.

So, I decided to drink a lot of bourbon and write something. Anything. Just to have an article.

Will this be any good? Who knows.

But you know what? It will be honest. Totally uncensored.

I love the aesthetics of absinthe, but…

Absinthe is cool. I love the drink. I love the flame. But, it’s not the best drink.

Whiskey is.

I drink whiskey in many forms. Bourbon. Japanese whiskey. Scotch. Irish whiskey. It’s all good.

Bourbon is my daily drink. I try to drink every day. It usually comes down to five or six days a week.


I want to live forever man. I freaking love being alive.

Most people won’t get this. Everyone talks about quality of life and assumes that people who live a long time didn’t have a quality life. That’s absolutely moronic.

My two relatives who lived the longest – my Grandma and my Great Aunt.

My grandma lived to be almost 102. She had a great life. A very solid life.

So did my Great Aunt. OK. I’m gonna talk about them both.

Two great women

First my Grandma.

Why did she live so long? Because she had a presence. She was an Alpha. Total Alpha.

She’d give credit to you and follow you if she believed in you. But when she thought you were full of shit, she’d call you on it.

There was one time when a kid was telling her (I don’t know why he told her this) that he carried a knife for protection. So she told the kid that if he came at her with a knife, she’d just take it from him.

He laughed.

So she told him to take out the knife.

And she took it from him.

Just like that.

She gave it back. But told him the truth – it simply won’t work against adults.

She told the truth. She had an integrity to her.

I really wish I had spent more time with her. But I did pick up one thing from her – the travel bug. That’s from her.

Now for my great Aunt.

I barely knew her. Saw her a dozen times. Probably talked three or four total sentences to her other than hello and goodbye and of course the hugs.

But, she too had a presence. Rolled her own cigarettes. Laughed a lot. She and her husband (who lived to be 101) were the leaders of our family.

You have them as well. Think of who in your family is the leader of everyone. That’s who I’m talking about.

She lived to be 105.

Her funeral?

Everybody was there. People remember.

This is why I hate cynical people. They think people don’t remember. No, they remember.

If you take care of people, they’ll remember.

Keep going

You know why people fail?

Because they quit too soon.

Almost every failure I’ve ever seen from a second party perspective, I saw them rising. I saw them starting to build a following. Then, for some reason or another, they gave up.

Now, this applies to almost everything. Bands. Social media groups. Even companies. Whatever.

People quit too soon. It always happens.

If I’m talking to you, then take this seriously.

Alright. I got to spend some time with the Mrs.

I hope this post makes sense.

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