Artistic nudes vs erotica

I didn’t like Impressionism. At all.

Until I saw it in real life.

That’s the same reason I don’t sell my art online.

When you see it in real life, it’s completely different. You’ll have a much greater respect for it.

It’s not meant to be seen up close. It’s meant to stand up on a wall.

Same thing with Goya. I’ve always admired his works. But after seeing him in real life in Madrid., he became one of my top ten favorite artists of all time.

Speaking of my favorite artists, Louis Ricardo Falero, I’ve heard him called borderline erotic. I think that’s entirely absurd. But then again, a prominent English art museum banned one of Waterhouse’s pieces. Which is really absurd.

Imagine, a painter who painted pieces deemed appropriate enough to hang up in the Victorian Age, banned recently. Have we really gone that prudish?

Let me say that again. A painting, deemed appropriate during the Victorian Age. Banned recently.

Weren’t the Victorians considered prudes? If they’re prudes, what the hell are we?

Where are the lines drawn?

I’ve heard porn described as “I know porn when I see it.” I’ve also heard the line between erotica vs porn is drawn at “if a woman likes it, it’s erotica. But if a man likes it, it’s porn.”

I’ve had my art called “porn” by a feminazi. What she didn’t realize at the time is that I will not only be offended by that, I’ll use that as a selling point. I can now forever say I got called porn by a feminazi.

Opium Tales Roxy
Roxy – censored by me. Selling this piece to a private party

I do fantasy pinup art.

Do I cross over into erotic art? Sure.

Will the public see it? No.

I do it for private parties only and the public won’t get to see these pieces uncensored unless they’re resold or inherited by a party that wants the public to see them.

But where’s the line?

Depends on the person.

I think the whole thing is silly. I’m a practical man. For one, I strongly believe God made absolutely nothing obscene about a woman’s body whatsoever.

So as far as I’m concerned, I still think spread shots are art. If done in an artistic manner of course. I believe some women have absolutely beautiful vulvae. Some have ugly ones. Some have ok ones. Depends on the vulva.

I actually saw that vulva episode of Goop. I was surprised that women who did this stuff for a living didn’t know the difference between a vagina and a vulva. I love beautiful vulvae. Some of the most beautiful things on the planet. Georgia O’ Keefe would have agreed.

But like any other part of a woman, it’s part of her.

Back to that episode, they actually showed a bunch of vulvae. Close up.

Which is great. I think our society has an ass backwards element to it. They show torture and decapitations all the time but won’t show a vulva. Priorities definitely out of whack.

Not a threat

The second thing – a naked women is absolutely no threat to me. If anything, it’s the other way around.

That’s yet another reason I want my models to meet the Mrs first so they know I’m not a serial killer. And no, we’re not at all swingers. I got all that crazy sex out of my system long before I got married.

Not judging you of course if you incorporate unicorns into your marriage. More power to you. It’s just not something we do.

I want my models to feel comfortable. And safe.

Allie and Roxy I knew before they became my models. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ll know that Allie is the reason I’m an artist in the first place.

I met the other models through emails.

So where do I draw the line?

Me? I don’t. I don’t paint men yet, and when I do, they’ll be heroic. And clothed.

Yes, there’s beauty in a man’s form. Like Michelangelo’s David for instance. Absolutely stunning piece. One of the greatest pieces of art ever.

But my men will be the kind of warrior like something straight out of an 80s fantasy movie promo poster. Sword in hand. Beautiful nude woman at his feet. Maybe a skull or two or a slain monster or demon in the background.

I don’t really have a line though between nude art and erotic art.

I know where other people put their definitions between nude art and erotic art. Other people generally put the line where a nude is just a nude and eroticism has a hint of sexuality.

So yeah, I’m close to erotic art by their definitions then. I think pinup art has a hint of sexual playfulness to it. Gil Elvgren always did it as an “oops.”

Yet his artwork was so innocent that I’m pretty sure only feminazis would call Elvgren erotic. Most will call his work plain pinups.

I’m a bit racier than Elvgren. So was Mel Ramos, another idol of mine. You’ve seen his works. He’s the guy who started the girl in the martini glasses thing that everyone’s doing nowadays.

Where do you draw the line between nude art and erotic art?

By Roman

Pinup Artist. Composer. Writer.


        1. Yes.

          And Elvgrin was outstanding indeed. Several of my models poses were ripped off from Elvgrin.

          And thanks!

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