Art is for the soul

Art is for the soul
Art is for the soul

Why buy art? Why should you own art?

Well, let me ask this – why do you own any music?

Same thing.

Think of it this way. Exercise is for the body. Reading is for the brain. Art is for the soul.

You work out so you don’t die. Your body needs exercise. The more you exercise, the more you increase your chances of living a long, full life.

Reading will give you those same results. Except for your noggin. I’m sure you’ve met that smart guy or gal who’s well read. And it shows.

What about for the soul?

That’s great and all. But what about your soul? What really makes us human?

Opposable thumbs? Breastfeeding?

Or is it something even more complicated?

We made tools. We learned to control fire. We invented the wheel. And we eventually sent rockets into space and walked on the moon.

That’s great. Our greatest accomplishment as a species so far. Until of course someone walks on Mars.

On the other side, as humans, we need our Beethoven and our Tchaikovsky. But we also need our Leonardo and our Michelangelo. And more recently, I happen to like Waterhouse and Frank Frazetta.

That’s where the soul comes in.

If you really want to nurture your soul, create art. And be sure to support your local artists as well.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I use Romanian a lot, it’s because I’m learning it. My goal is to be fluent in 2021.

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