How did your musical tastes change thru the years?

When I was a little kid, I liked ABBA a lot. They had pretty songs that you can sing along to.

Still do, but they’re not even in my top 20 anymore.

I started to really like Journey. Then Ozzy Osbourne and Def Leppard. From there, I got into Judas Priest. Then Thrash Metal, led by Metallica and Megadeth.

When I finally got into music myself, we played Thrash Metal. Eventually, we got even heavier venturing into Death Metal.

I didn’t really like listening to Death Metal. I just happened to be in a Death Metal band.

In the late 90s, I got into Black Metal which I really liked. Strangely, both Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir got really big. I saw the former twice live and the latter once. Excellent bands.

In the 00s though, I got into Nightwish and HIM plus a slew of other kind of mid-heavy bands. Still Metal. But not as extreme. Yeah I know, you might be thinking “but Cradle of Filth was never Black Metal.” Yeah, whatever. When they started out, they were quite extreme and they moved more into a normal Metal act later.

Then there was a time period where all I wanted to do was get stoned and listen to Loreena McKinnett, Blackmore’s Night, and Enya. I had no direction and besides being a husband and a father, my life was quite meaningless.

I take those roles for granted though as you’re supposed to be a good husband and parent. That’s something you’re just supposed to do. You don’t get a medal for it.

Anyways, in 2012, I stopped taking drugs and got heavily into Classical music. I even got into orchestration.

Do we listen to lighter music as we age?

You know the general trend. You listen to heavier music when you’re younger (like Metal, Punk, and Gangsta Rap) and lighter music when you’re older (like Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening, and Smooth Jazz).

That’s a gross generalization but you’ll find that the average person mellows out with age. I mean musically of course.

What about you? Did you listen to heavier music when you were younger? Or are you still young and listening to heavier music, and fearing you’re going to mellow out and listen to the shit your parents listen to (and what you currently make fun of)?

You’ll also note a lot of heavier bands will mellow as they age. They almost seem like they lose the ability to play heavy as they get older.


  1. I have always listened to both. I grew up listening to Dylan and folk music (Peter Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel) with my dad. I then went from classic rock to metal to punk to death metal and then back to punk, but I never stopped listening to a certain style if music. Today if I hit shuffle, I might here Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Cannibal Corpse, Slayer or Bieber, its wild, but I love music, all forms

    1. I still to this day like Peter Paul and Mary and Simon and Garfunkel. Add Mamas and the Papas, John Denver, and Jim Croce in there too.

  2. I pretty much got started on classic rock hits then transitioned to heavy metal in my teenage years. Then I started listening to classical music and hits from 60s to 2000s. I get looked at funny for my tastes cause here on the Island it’s pretty much salsa and reggaeton. :v

    1. My wife took salsa lessons and I think the dancing is awesome. However musically, yeah, would much rather listen to something else. Heavy Metal seems to be a bridge to Classical for a lot of folks.

  3. Pretty much listen to the same things as always. I like a wide variety with the exception of rap. Unless you consider the one Aerosmith / Run DMC song rap. I suppose I like more country (older 80’s 90’s country) now. Mostly listen to 70’s 80’s rock since that’s when we grew up. 90’s and 2000’s have no idea about music from that era. It was a blur. Between working and kids, never had time for music… I’m that guy stuck in the 80’s…

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