Hungry minds vs brick heads

There are two types of people in this world. Of course, nobody is completely one or another. But we definitely lean in one direction.

This really accelerates once we become adults.

We have one type – hungry minds. These people devour everything they can. If they meet someone smarter than themselves, they pick their brains. They love new ideas and new concepts.

You’ll see these people trying new things all the time.

Then you got the other type. No, not insufferable know-it-alls like Hermoine Granger. More like your Uncle Jim who gets angry when you expose him to an idea that contradicts his beliefs.

This isn’t the same as openminded

This isn’t the same as openminded. I actually hate that term because it’s almost always used as a passive aggressive slam against someone who doesn’t agree with someone’s bullshit.

Some folks are full of shit and it’s ok to call it out.

Like for instance, boys don’t belong in girls’ sports. Period. People who say they do are always shitheads and it’s totally acceptable to call them out on their bullshit.

Or another more extreme example – pedophilia is always wrong. Always. People who try to lesson it are absolute garbage human beings. I’ll never shed a tear for a pedophile who gets murdered in prison. As far as I’m concerned, he got what he deserved.

I’m not being closeminded by saying this but you’ll always find that douchebag who says otherwise.

I’m talking about new learning

I’m specifically talking about new learning. You’ll find someone who keeps expanding his body of knowledge. Versus someone who hates having his current body of knowledge challenged.

Like that douchebag Fauci. He believes he is the science and questioning him is inherently wrong.

I’m surprised that more people don’t get that’s a trait of a dictator. It’s sad how many people fell asleep in their history classes.

Where am I?

I would like to believe I’m in the first group. I’m all ears when a fellow artist shows me a new concept. I had a professional photographer last year explain just how important making a diagram of your painting is beforehand and placing your objects in the right places.

Then just this morning, I stumbled upon an article on Mood Lines by a professional graphic designer. I’ll be stealing his concepts in the painting I’m currently working on of Roxy and Diana.

I currently have 2 Romanian teachers, one art teacher, and a weightlifting coach. I might even hire a piano teacher this year.

Have you thought about which one you lean towards?

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