Lift weights, eat steaks, and surround yourself with beautiful women

Opium Tales - Three Muses

Roxy and I have a long running argument.

She thinks she’s average and I’m an amazing artist. I think she’s gorgeous and I’m just painting what I see.

It’s funny how sometimes, beautiful women don’t see what others see. Regardless though, her presence is magical. I get inspired whenever she’s around.

I wrote Princess for the Night one day drawing her. She was wearing only panties, and started dancing randomly. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I immediately knew I had to write her a song.

Opium Tales Roxy
Roxy as Antheia

As James Brown would say, it may be a man’s world. Sure, men invented pretty much everything useful. But what would this world be like without beautiful women?

It would suck. That’s what it would be like.

I’m a simple man. I paint. I play guitar. And I like beautiful women.

I don’t need that much out of life. I enjoy lifting weights. Nothing tastes better than a good cut of steak, cooked medium rare, with kosher salt and black pepper and some melted butter with garlic.

And nothing is more beautiful than a fine woman.

They exist. They’re out there. I know this first hand because I’ve painted them.

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