Merry Christmas 2021

Christmas has always been a special time for me. Which is funny because most of my life, I’ve been an atheist.

I didn’t convert to Christianity until recently. Never felt better, but that’s another story for another day.

Christmas is just such a heavy part of our culture that I valued it, even when I was an atheist. I’ve also had some Christmas’s I’ve dreaded as when you’re at rock bottom and it looks like everyone around you has a wonderful family, it can really sting. So I definitely understand why Christmas season has such a high suicide rate.

So whether you’re high or low right now, I sincerely wish you the best. And of course, wish you a Merry Christmas.

New Years is coming up…

I try not to look past things. But that’s just how my mind works. I’m already thinking about April when Christmas hasn’t even happened yet.

Yesterday, my wife and I were in a really cool fashion shop. I told the store manager that I’m very picky. For instance, even amongst my favorite bands, I rarely like more than 3 albums of them.

I told her that I can only find three dresses I like in the entire store and if it’s more than 3, then whomever does the ordering has some serious talent. Yes, it’s usually me who picks out dresses. Sometimes it’s her, but it’s more often than not me.

I have great eyes for women. If you’re a woman, take me shopping with you. I may hurt your feelings at the time, but you’ll be happy when you get all the compliments later.

So, we got our first art show since moving coming up in April. I told my son my financial goal for 2022. I won’t share it here since 1. some things should be private, and 2. bragging about money is lame and shows a lack of character. But my son and I are close and we always encourage each other to get better.

It’s weird. When you’re a parent and your kids are kids, you can’t be their friends. You need to be their parents. A lot of parents don’t get this. Then they wonder why their kids are losers.

Once they become adults though, the dynamic changes. You’re now equal and you have to back off and let them control their own destinies. However, you also need to always be available for advice as given you got decades on them, you better have some good advice.

Unfortunately for most kids, their parents are dumb as fuck and their advice is garbage. So you have to go elsewhere for wisdom.

Some pieces

I’ll have at least 8 pieces for sale for the first show. These are 3 of them.

I’m also picking up a new model next month. She’s a babe and seems to have a lot of character, which is essential. I can’t paint someone that I don’t click with. If we don’t click, I don’t care how hot she is. I’d have a bad taste in my mouth while I’m trying to draw her.

Roxy and Allie in Venice

This painting meant a lot to me. Long story short, I didn’t handle the lockdowns very well. Keeping extroverts from seeing people will cause a lot of unnecessary suicides. But of course, that’s something our stupid leaders won’t ever even take into consideration.

They’re not about keeping us safe. They’re about getting richer while in office. And if you haven’t figured that out in the past few years, you really need to catch up.

Well, Roxy and Allie were definitely my lights in the dark. And of course the Mrs as well but she doesn’t want to model.

It’s funny because Diana even asked me that. “Why doesn’t your wife model? She’s so beautiful.”

Yeah, she doesn’t want to.

Anyways, I think the symbology is obvious.

Selene Gazing Upon Endymion

Selene is the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon. She’s had her various lovers in the past but most important in her mythology? Endymion.

I paint Selene more in the Art Nouveau tradition as the Ancient Greeks painted her with horns. Sure, some of the Art Nouveau artists did as well but some of them didn’t.

That’s the lovely Allie as my model.

Naiad Among the Ruins

History has a sadness to it. The Ancient Greeks. One of the most marvelous civilizations ever.



That’s what’s left of an ancient building somewhere in Greece. No, it wasn’t near a lake but the artist gets to do anything he wants.

I was still going thru my gray period and have a lot of paintings from that time period I’m proud of. This is one of them.

That’s the lovely Roxy as the Naiad. Yes, civilizations rise and fall but immortal creatures keep going until they’ve served their purpose.

The Naiad of course will die when the lake is filled up and converted into a strip mall.

Merry Christmas friends. Spread good cheer.

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