Those that have never lived…

The other day, I looked over a friend’s social media and saw the same old patterns.

Yup. Definitely don’t miss social media.

It’s those who have never lived that scream the loudest for us to stay indoors and wear masks. Apparently, Tom Brady is now the bad guy. He was seen in public not wearing a mask.

The horror!

Let’s talk about Tom Brady. Beautiful wife. Diamond smile. More Super Bowl rings than any NFL franchise.

Yes, that’s right. That guy has more Super Bowl rings than any NFL franchise.

Why is he not wearing a mask? Because, he’s lived.

The people who have never lived are the ones most scared of death

I’ll explain that more thoroughly – you’ll see a consistent pattern in people. The ones screaming at you the loudest to stay indoors, social distance, and wear masks are the ones with the most pathetic lives.

Every single time. I’ve yet to meet an exception to this.

These folks have never accomplished anything worthwhile. Thus, they fear death the most.

Death is the great equalizer. It will come for kings and queens and it will come for peasants. It will come for great warriors and beautiful princesses and it will come for lunatics and lepers.

There is no escape. Only delays. It will eventually get us all.

Now, I’ve lived. I’ve accomplished. Not as much as I’d like to of course. I got plenty more life ahead in me.

But I’m not a tenth as scared of death as these clowns are. They hide from death because they know they’ve never done anything worthwhile.

And it eats them up.

So they scream. And they project their insecurities onto everyone else.

They’re vile creatures, full of scorn. Most of all though, full of envy, which we all know is poison.

They look around at people who want to live, who want to get the most out of life, and they hate people like you and me. They don’t want us to live. Because, they themselves have never lived.

Yes, my friends. That’s what it all comes down to.

The cure for the fear of Death?

Live. As much as you can.

Get the most out of life. You were born to accomplish something cool. So go do it!

Focus on yourself instead of envying other people. If you’re bitching that your neighbor has green grass while you can’t even run a mile, you got your priorities out of whack.

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  1. The reason why “Through The Never” (Metallica movie) was one of my favorites is that the young man had a simple journey and faced down his own death.

    (Debatable if he survived but I loved the movie.)
    Not every hero dies but some of my favorites did. (Sepp Gangl, etc)

    1. I’ll have to see Through the Never. Didn’t even know about it. I didn’t know about Sepp Gangl either but now I need to read more up on him besides his Wiki page.

    1. Good way to put it.

      Death is just the end of life. Rather than fearing it, I’m going to get as much life in as possible before that moment happens. Not hiding from the world with two masks on and staying 6 feet away from everyone I like.

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