The legend of the Flaming Poo

You’ve probably heard that urban legend about the kid who got a razor blade in his Halloween candy and died.

It’s an oldie and it still persists. Yeah. Everyone heard about that kid.

Turns out though that it was an urban legend. Although based on a real event.

Even worse though, it turned out his father (more than likely not his biological father for you crime junkies) tried to murder him via “some random house’s Halloween candy.”

As I grew up, I heard it many times. A kid from that neighboring school. The kid who used to live in that house. Yadda yadda.

But no, urban legend.

The Flaming Poo urban legend

Yeah. The razor blade in the Halloween candy’s a famous urban legend.

I remember even our local police offering to x-ray your candy for you for free. They even had some rigged Halloween candy to show that they can detect razors and pins.

Now flaming poo? Not so famous.

You may have heard of it. You may not have.

Anyways, if you don’t know it, it’s a practical joke.

  1. You take some doggie doo.
  2. You put it in one of those brown lunch bags.
  3. You go over to your friend’s house.
  4. You light the bag on fire.
  5. You ding dong doorbell ditch ’em.

So what happens?
Instinctively, the person who sees the bag puts it out with their shoe. Assuming of course he’s already wearing a shoe.

And you can guess the rest.

Yeah, everyone knew that one guy who did the prank. Although, when you actually ask if they’ve done it, they didn’t. “Who said I did that?”

It’s a shame this younger generation missed out the ding dong doorbell ditch pranks.

We all did it. It’s a rush because you absolutely positively do not want to get caught. Especially by a parent.

But nowadays, everyone’s got a camera on their porch. Just like no more prank calls because everyone’s got caller ID on their phone.

What a shame.

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