Some people aren’t even worth talking to

I’ve had a pretty good life so far. I’m actually glad it started off pretty bad because I appreciate everything. Even very minor things that most of us take for granted.

I also appreciate people too. Well, the good ones. The ones who are actually grateful.

Then there are the others. The others who don’t listen to one word you’re saying. The others who just love to argue. Who search hard for faults in you (but of course, they’re perfect). And if they can’t find faults in you, they’ll project their own faults onto you. Or they’ll even project their shortcomings.

Cut them off.

Seriously, cut them off. You don’t need them in your life.

Don’t let them waste your time. They’re not even worth talking to.

If you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you’re learning. You’re humble. You’re working on getting better.

Because my readers have these things in common with me.

I’m learning. The wiser I get, the more humble I get too. That’s why I’m taking lessons in so many different areas.

We are blessed

I have so much more to learn. I’m currently learning Romanian. I was there last month and I could voice some things on my mind but I speak better than I hear. That’s because at first, I’ve been learning vocabulary. So I piece sentences together, often incorrectly.

That’s how you start though. You start with something.

I’m also improving my drawing big time. I’ve been deep diving into technique. That’s what I paid one-on-one lessons for. To really hammer down my technique.

I also strengthened some friendships overseas. Now we got not one, but two families we’re close to in Europe.

I’d like to know a family in Latin America as well. As you may know, I can somewhat speak Spanish. I’m about half-literate so I can carry on a minor conversation.

Not enough to have a job in Latin America but well enough to communicate basics.

We are blessed because there’s so much in life you can learn. People who are ungrateful are just garbage human beings. Why spend your time arguing when you can spend your time learning something cool? I don’t get that mindset.

I picked up the electric guitar this morning and nailed a guitar solo perfectly. I didn’t expect to do that. In a few days, I’ll record that solo with my best friend from high school who we’re still super close with. In fact I just saw him and his wife the other day. We went out for dinner.

I got a great church. I go to Bible study regularly now. By the end of this decade, I’ll actually know the Bible which is pretty awesome.

This is a short list but an important one. Do you make lists of what you’re grateful for? If not, you should.

Gratefulness is the enemy of envy. If you’re envious, turn it around. Find things you’re grateful for.

You can start small at first. But list everything.

Your eyes work? Well, list it. You got running water? List it. You can still fuck? List it. Most of your other body parts work? List it.

People take so much stuff for granted it’s unreal.

And these people who take everything for granted but rather complain and argue about everything?

Cut them off. You’ll have a much better life.

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