Want to be a good writer?

I’m not a fisherman. But I could still tell you how to get started.

You need a fishing pole. And you need a body of water that contains fish. Then you need to bring those pieces together.

The same thing with writing. If you want to be a good writer, you need to write. Consistently.

Just like anything else. I’ve been drawing daily for years now and that’s why my art has improved so much. I’ve been practicing guitar daily for decades now and that’s why I can play pretty much anything I need to play.

Writing though is slightly different because…

You could be a proficient writer if you lived a boring ass life but simply wrote consistently. But the best writers have lived interesting lives. Or, they’re damn good observers. One or the other. Sometimes even both.

Writing reflects life more than any other medium. More than painting. More than even music. You could write a catchy tune with lame ass lyrics and still score a big hit.

Writing though is different. You really need to live.

I tell fellow creative types that it’s important you get your heart broken. Not just broken though. It’s best that they rip your heart out of your chest and stomp on it multiple times.

Sounds masochistic? Actually, not really. You really got to suffer a bit to create anything worthwhile. (That’s also why a lot of really good writers were former soldiers).

The most interesting creatives led interesting lives. Definitely read some of your favorites’ biographies.


And let’s not forget the trait that propels you to success – consistency.

I’m finally taking this blog seriously and it shows. I’m liking the numbers this blog gets now. People know it exists.

People love to read a story. My how I lost 20 pounds story got 34 views yesterday. Not bad for someone who only starting taking this blog seriously last year.

So we got a year and a half of consistency on this blog and it’s already paying off. Like anything else, there’s a bit of luck involved. Results will vary. Some folks will get results a lot faster than a year and a half. Some folks take double this time.

It doesn’t matter though. What matters is that if you really want to make it as a writer, you do the work and you stay consistent.

And speaking of consistency, it’s now time to get back to painting. I haven’t shown my last few paintings on here because they were erotic. Those are for special clients and they don’t go public unless the buyer wants them public. I leave that up to the buyer.

The one I’m working on now though is pretty G rated by my standards. I’ll post it when it’s done.

So do you want to be a writer? And if so, have you written anything today yet? If so, good job. If not, get to it.

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