What’s the best exercise?

What’s the best exercise?

It’s very simple. It’s the one you enjoy doing.

Let’s just say hypothetically that synchronized swimming is technically the best exercise on the planet. But you love volleyball and hate swimming pools.

Well, there you go. It’s volleyball.

For me, it was American football in my teens and early twenties, Thai boxing in my mid-twenties, wrestling from my mid-twenties to early 30s, and soccer in my early 30s. I loved getting out there and doing those things.

Then I went over a decade of not doing shit. Not surprisingly, I put on a little weight.

Then in my mid-40s, I got into weightlifting and it’s been that way ever since.

Occasionally, I’ll do some cardio. Recently, I got into that rowing machine. Is it as good as a treadmill? Who cares? I can’t stand the treadmill and would rather do that rowing machine.

If it gets you results, it works.

Same goes for anything

What’s the best pickup line? The one that works for you.

For instance, Hugh Hefner had a great pickup line. “Hi, I’m Hugh Hefner.”

Worked great for him. Wouldn’t work for you or me though.

What’s the best sex position? The one that makes you and your lover cum the hardest.

What’s the best musical instrument? The one you enjoy playing. Mine used to be electric guitar but now I’m also getting heavily into the piano.

What’s the best profession? Well, your parents really want you to be a rock star. But all you ever wanted to be was a dentist. Then dentist it is.

You’d think this would all be common sense but I’m under the impression most people don’t know what they want. Or, they know what they want but they’re afraid to pursue it for some reason or another.

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