When the coach isn’t looking

In my son’s junior year of high school, I made him do one year of boxing.

Yes, I used to train heavily. But some folks can train their kids. Some can’t.

For me, I’d rather have someone else do it. Besides, he won’t pick up my bad form. I relied too much on power which isn’t such a great strategy because there’s always that guy whose defense is so good that he’ll wear your ass out, then pow! If you’ve boxed in the past, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyways, as a parent, there’s always those moments in life where your kid “gets it.” And you’ll feel proud of those moments until the day you die.

One night, I picked up my son from boxing and he went off on all the lazy asses in the gym who will only go 100% when the coach is looking. So I told him “those people will never amount to anything in life.”

Sounds harsh? I meant it.

Jordan Peterson once said something along the lines of good and evil – you know when someone is good when they do something they don’t have to do, but do it because it’s the right thing to do. Like putting away the shopping cart.

There is no law that says you’re supposed to put away the shopping cart. You can just leave it there. It’s not even a rule.

Yet, some people will still put the shopping cart away, even if nobody is looking.

Why? Because they’re good people.

It applies to everything

As I’ve said many times on here, my paintings sell well but my music doesn’t make shit. In fact, I lose thousands every time I release music.

I still do it though because otherwise, my conscience would throw a fit. How could I waste my talent doing nothing? It doesn’t matter if it sells or not. I have to do it anyways.

My EP for instance has professional orchestral players and excellent sound engineers. Heck, we even record on 2″ analog metal tape, which is super expensive. Sure, most people can’t even tell the difference between a high end analog recording and a cheap ass digital recording nowadays. But there’s always that one guy who has $10,000 speakers. I want him to know, even if I lose thousands doing it the expensive way.

I just released a single with Inés Vera-Ortíz singing, who actually is starting to be known in the Symphonic Metal world. She’s Classically trained and likes Metal.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about some former co-workers.

I had several co-workers who told me that they had this and that goal for losing weight and wanted me to help them keep their goals. Now, if they told me that they wanted to lose weight, whatever. I’d root for them but will have absolutely nothing invested in the outcome.

But they specifically asked me to help them. And then I’d catch them sneaking food outside their diet.

That’s just retarded.

Think about it. Whether I’m looking or not has no effect whatsoever if they’re going to lose weight. It’s totally pointless to sneak food when I’m not looking. It’s not me seeing them or not that will make them fat. It’s them keeping their doctor approved diet. Yes, these clowns actually went to their doctors for help yet they still think like that.

When the coach isn’t looking… (insert eye roll emoji here).


  1. People lack self-discipline these days. They rather have someone else do the work for them.

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